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Mary Elizabeth Soblett Sawyer

Description: Studio photograph of Mary Elizabeth Soblett Sawyer. She is seated in a dark dress with large buttons on the cuffs and on the chest. There is a light-colored sash around her neck and a bow in her dark hair. She is also wearing earrings and a ring on her right hand.
Date: unknown

Matthew Stuart Blanton

Description: Photograph of Matthew Stuart Blanton. He is wearing a striped vest, tie, dark jacket and bowler hat. Behind him are two women and one man on a sidewalk and a woman in a dark dress standing on a large porch. In the background are trees, including pine trees.
Date: unknown

William E. P. Sawyer

Description: Studio photograph of William E. P. Sawyer. He is an elderly man with white hair and a white beard. He is wearing a light-colored suit including a long coat with eight buttons and holding a dark hat. He is standing on a rug in front of a fake backdrop.
Date: unknown

Young Couple's Wedding Portrait

Description: Studio photograph of a young couple in wedding clothes. The woman is wearing a long white dress with long, loose sleeves, a brooch pinned on the collar and a white bow in her hair. She is holding a handkerchief in her left hand and her husband's hand in her right. He is wearing a dark suit with a dark vest, collared shirt, necktie and a pin on her lapel.
Date: unknown