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Matthew Stuart Blanton in His Pharmacy

Description: Photograph of Matthew Stuart Blanton and another man in a pharmacy. Both of the men wear white coats and bow ties and are standing behind a bar. There are several stools lined up in front of the bar and behind the bar are jars, canisters, posters, framed paintings and mirrors. Light fixtures hang from the ceiling. Written on the man on the right side of the frame is, "Papa".
Date: unknown

Sunday School Class, 1st Methodist Church, Ft. Worth, Texas, 1906-1910

Description: Studio photograph of twelve members, four women and eight men, of the Sunday School class at the 1st Methodist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. The women wear white blouses, except for one in the back row who wears black with a large white collar. All of the men wear dark suits with neckties except for the man on the far left side of the frame and the minister in the center of the front row, who is wearing a preacher's collar. One man has a mustache and the woman in black wears glasses. Written on the bottom mat is, "1st Row. EJ White, M.S. Blanton, Miss Stephens, Dabney Bryan, JC. Horn. 2nd ", John M Parker, Mrs WJ Barnum, Mrs Copher. 3rd " Mrs MS Blanton, J.B. Baker, Dr. Knickerbocker, W.J. Barnum. Sunday School Class, 1st Methodist Church, 1906-1910." Inscribed in the bottom right-hand corner of the mat is, "Carter, Fort Worth, Texas."
Date: unknown
Creator: Carter

Will and Lena Ellis with an Unidentified Girl

Description: Photograph of Will and Lena Ellis and an unidentified girl. Will Ellis is seated on the left side of the frame in a tweed suit and white collar with his dark hair parted on the side. There is a young woman seated next to him and one standing behind them both, in the center. Both girls are wearing collared dresses with brooches pinned at the neck and both have their dark hair pulled back. The girl in the center has a bow in her hair. There is a backdrop in the background. Printed in the lower left-hand corner of the mat is, "Leffler, Fort Worth, Texas."
Date: unknown
Creator: Leffler

Will Ellis

Description: Studio photograph of Will Ellis from the bust up. He is wearing a dark suit with the top button fastened. Underneath the jacket is a white collar and necktie. His hair is dark and parted on the side. Printed on the bottom of the mat is, "Blackburn, Houston. Tex."
Date: unknown
Creator: Blackburn

William E. P. Sawyer

Description: Studio photograph of William E. P. Sawyer. He is an elderly man with white hair and a white beard. He is wearing a light-colored suit including a long coat with eight buttons and holding a dark hat. He is standing on a rug in front of a fake backdrop.
Date: unknown

William E.P. Sawyer and Civil War Veterans

Description: Photograph of eight Confederate veterans, including William E.P. Sawyer, second from the left in the front row. The men are elderly, five with beards and three with mustaches. They all wear suits, two without jackets and one without a vest. All have pins or medals pinned to their clothing and all are holding hats. The first man on the left in the front row wears glasses. Behind the group is a small Confederate flag. Written beneath William Sawyer is, "Grandpa Sawyer".
Date: unknown
Creator: Fishburn Illustrating Company

Young Couple's Wedding Portrait

Description: Studio photograph of a young couple in wedding clothes. The woman is wearing a long white dress with long, loose sleeves, a brooch pinned on the collar and a white bow in her hair. She is holding a handkerchief in her left hand and her husband's hand in her right. He is wearing a dark suit with a dark vest, collared shirt, necktie and a pin on her lapel.
Date: unknown