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[Van Houten's Cocoa]

Description: Color advertisement with an image of two Japanese women sitting and lying on the floor as they smoke a pipe. The woman lying on the floor has a baby sitting next to her. The text on the back of the advertisement reads, "ENERGY and ENDURANCE depend largely on the food and drink you use. If you would keep yourself healthy and energetic, DRINK Van Houten's Cocoa It is not only a delicious and stimulating beverage; it is a food in its most appetising and digestible form."
Date: unknown

[Anheuser Busch Brewing Association]

Description: Picture of the Anheuser Busch Brewing Association in St. Louis, Missouri. It is a large complex of red brick buildings, some with towers and some with smokestacks. On the back is a partial advertisement for Budweiser beer.
Date: unknown

[The Cradle Roll Certificate of Enrollment]

Description: Certificate of Enrollment for the membership of the Cradle Roll. The certificate is issued to Rosa Louise Dill by Chas Manlou on behalf of the 1st Cumb Presbytn Ch on March 1, 1906.
Date: 1906~

[Our Baby]

Description: Baby announcement with a poem. The front side of the card has an illustration of a baby sitting on a flower with the text "Our Baby, How did you come to us, you dear? God thought of you and so I am here." The back side of the card displays a poem by Cornelia Shipman titled "Our Baby." The poem reads: "Cradled in a flower Is our baby dear; Rocked by breeze so gentle, Knowing naught of fear. Heaven's light is shining In our baby's eyes, Loving message bringing To us from the skies. May the Father's blessing Fill this life each hour; Jesus, keep our baby As Thy pure, sweet flower".
Date: unknown
Creator: Shipman, Cornelia & Butler, M. L.

[Handwritten Card]

Description: Writing paper glued to larger card. Correspondence reads, "4/11/1907 Dear Little Rosa- How are you getting along? having a good time I hope I wish I could see you for I bet you are awful pretty and sweet too. Tell your mamma hello for me Hope to have a letter from you someday Goos bye, Be a sweet little girl Very truly Rosa"
Date: unknown

Christmas Greetings

Description: Small card with blue flowers on the front and "Christmas Greetings" written in gold letters. Inside is written: "Alice, from Aunt Laddie, with kind wishes for a happy Christmas and New Year."
Date: unknown

[Libby's Bookmark]

Description: Colorful bookmark advertising Libby's food products. The front pictures a girl standing on the shoreline squeezing water from her bathing suit, which looks like a sailor dress. She has a red scarf on her head. Blue flowers decorate the bookmark on the front and a list of their food products is listed on the back.
Date: unknown