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[Van Houten's Cocoa]

Description: Color advertisement with an image of two Japanese women sitting and lying on the floor as they smoke a pipe. The woman lying on the floor has a baby sitting next to her. The text on the back of the advertisement reads, "ENERGY and ENDURANCE depend largely on the food and drink you use. If you would keep yourself healthy and energetic, DRINK Van Houten's Cocoa It is not only a delicious and stimulating beverage; it is a food in its most appetising and digestible form."
Date: unknown

Tushaquint, Indian Chief

Description: Color postcard with a picture of Indian Chief, Tushaquint wearing his native costume, including a large headdress of feathers. It is a "Souvenir of the Rocky Mountains" postcard. Written on the front, "From the heart of the Rockies we send you greetings, Sam and [ ]" It is addressed to Mr and Mrs. Alfred Bassano, S. Mill Street, Paris, Texas. It is postmarked Dec. 20, 1909.
Date: unknown