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[Letter from Joseph A. Carroll to Celia Carroll, November 8, 1861]

Description: Letter from Joseph A. Carroll to his wife Celia Carroll. He mentions that his company is in an unpopulated area of the country, and makes clear his opinions of men who are not fighting in the army. He tells Celia to tell the girls of Denton County not to associate with the men around town, and to wait until the soldiers come back to marry, as he considers them real men.
Date: November 8, 1862
Creator: Carroll, Joseph A.
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Joseph Carroll to his son Joseph A. Carroll, July 12, 1860]

Description: Letter from Joseph Carroll to his son Joseph A. Carroll telling him news of the family in Louisiana, Missouri, and asking many questions about what Carroll is doing in Texas. He also discusses politics in Missouri, and the presidential race between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas.
Date: July 12, 1860
Creator: Carroll, Joseph
Item Type: Letter