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[Portrait of Three Children]

Description: Photograph of three young African American children posed around a wooden chair with a floral patterned cushion in front of a window with blinds. The oldest boy on the left is wearing dark pants and a striped t-shirt, and on the right of the chair is a girl wearing a plaid jumper and light colored blouse. Sitting in the chair is the youngest child wearing a striped shirt and shorts and is holding a small toy duck.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a Couple]

Description: Photograph of two African American people standing outside in a field. A man is standing on the left wearing slacks with a light button-down shirt and striped tie that's being blown by the wind. The woman on the right has her right hand on the man's left shoulder. She is wearing a dark dress, beaded necklace and metal ringed belt.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of a Man]

Description: Photograph of an African American man sitting in a wooden chair outside in front of a dirt road. He is wearing a dark suit, light button-down shirt, and bow-tie, and a bag is placed on the ground on his right.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a Group of People]

Description: Photograph of a group of African Americans standing in a semi-circle outside a building in the grass. The men are wearing slacks and dress shirts, and the women are wearing printed dresses. A small group of children are seen in front of the group. The building has two visible windows and an awning over the entrance. The building is believed to be Boykins Funeral Home of Waco.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a Building]

Description: Photograph of a two-story brick building with portions of the wall cut out on the roof, like crenelation on castles. Multiple windows are equally spaced around the building. Two trees are on either side of the building and an electric pole is in the foreground.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Two Older Women]

Description: Photograph of two older African American women sitting next to each other. The woman on the left is wearing a light colored blouse with a dark jacket and small glasses. The woman on the right is sitting slightly behind the other women and is wearing a dark dress and pearls.
Date: unknown
Creator: VIS Photo Service

[Photograph of an Infant Child]

Description: Photograph of an infant African American child sitting on a folded blanket on top of a bed. The child is wearing a white crocheted gown and hat. The bed has a dark blanket on top that matches the fabric covering the headboard. Behind the bed is a cabinet with jars inside it.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a Young Boy]

Description: Photograph of a young African American boy standing in front of a piano. He is wearing dark pants and a light button down shirt with a printed tie. He is holding a fork in his right hand and leaning his left arm against the piano bench. Placed on the bench is a cake with two candles in it.
Date: unknown