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[Portrait of Three Women]

Description: Photograph of three African American women standing within a wooden frame decorated with fake flowers. The woman on the left is wearing a light-colored dress, and the two other women are wearing patterned formal dresses.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Three Women in Military Uniform]

Description: Photograph of three young African American woman wearing dark jumpers, light ties and matching hats. The woman on the right has a badge below her left shoulder, and all three of them have multiple pins attached to their shirt collar, lapel, and hats. They are standing outside in snow in front of a small building with a window and an electric pole in the background.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Three Young Girls]

Description: Photograph of three young African American girls standing in front of thin light colored curtains. The girl on the left is wearing a dark skirt that has straps over her shoulders and a light colored shirt. The youngest girl is standing in the middle and is wearing a gingham print dress and a crown. The girl on the right is wearing a dress with a collar and a bow in her hair.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Two Older Women]

Description: Photograph of two older African American women sitting next to each other. The woman on the left is wearing a light colored blouse with a dark jacket and small glasses. The woman on the right is sitting slightly behind the other women and is wearing a dark dress and pearls.
Date: unknown
Creator: VIS Photo Service

[Portrait of Two Women]

Description: Portrait of two women wearing white long-sleeved dresses, white shoes and hats. They are holding hands and a book in their other hands. They are outside in front of a tree.
Date: unknown

[Wedding Photograph of the Marriage of Charles W. Toliver and Jeanne Gunter]

Description: Photograph of the marriage of Charles W. Toliver and Jeanne Gunter. From left to right: Catherine Dickson; Wanda Ervin; Rhubert Ewing; Charles W. Toliver; Dr. Marvin C. Griffin; Jeanne Gunter-Toliver; Willie Gunter, Jr.; Catherine Burleson-Watson; unknown male; unknown female; J.J. Wilson; and the little girl in front is Brenda Wilkins.
Date: unknown