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[James Edgar Sutherlin and Relatives]

Description: Photograph of James E. Sutherlin with his father (Edgar B. Sutherlin), uncle (John Sutherlin) and mother (Edith Sutherlin). Left to right: Edgar Sutherlin James Sutherlin Edith Sutherlin John Sutherlin
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

[Naval Auxiliary Air Station - Cabaniss Field Naval Air Training Center - Service Pamphlet]

Description: Pamphlet detailing the "Order of Service for Morning Worship" on February 13, 1944 at the Cabaniss Field Naval Air Training Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. It has a list of prayers, readings, songs and the times and locations for the services for the Protestant, Catholic and Jewish worshipers. The pamphlet, folded in the form of a post-card was addressed from James Edgar Sutherlin to his father, Edgar B. Sutherlin, on February 14, 1944. On the very back of the pamphlet is a list of Bible excerpts handwritten by James.
Date: unknown
Creator: Sutherlin, James E.
Item Type: Postcard