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[Purchase Order]

Description: Purchase order for a street clock written to Sutherland Jewelry.
Date: December 18, 1952
Creator: Port Arthur (Tex.). Office of Purchasing Agent
Item Type: Text

[Letter from W. S. W. to Edith Wilson, October 14, 1907]

Description: Letter from W. S. W. to Edith Wilson, on October 14, 1907, congratulating Edith on the news of her recent engagement and discussing plans for her upcoming wedding. A newspaper clipping that states Edgar B. Sutherlin and Edith Wilson have applied for a marriage license is included in the envelope.
Date: October 14, 1907
Item Type: Letter

[Photograph of Edith Wilson]

Description: Photograph of Edith Wilson. She wears a black dress, and stands holding a book against the arm of a wicker couch. A hat sits on the couch next to her.
Date: 1890~
Item Type: Photograph

[Letter to Edith Wilson, July 22, 1903]

Description: Letter to Edith Wilson, on July 22, 1903, asking her to write. The author implores her not to give up on him, and promises to do anything she wants to make her happy.
Date: July 22, 1903
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Craig C. Watkins to Edgar B. Sutherlin, July 2, 1958]

Description: Letter from Craig C. Watkins of the Veterans Administration to Edgar B. Sutherlin, on July 2, 1958, acknowledging receipt of Sutherlin's application for compensation or pension, and informing him that it has been referred to the Veterans Benefit Office.
Date: July 2, 1958
Creator: Watkins, Craig C.
Item Type: Letter

[With Mother This Christmas]

Description: Eulogy for Edgar Brown Sutherlin, expressing joy that this Christmas he will be with his mother, who had died when Sutherlin was three.
Date: 1960
Creator: McElroy, Theodore Edgar, Sr.
Item Type: Text

[Sutherlin, Douglas County, Oregon]

Description: Map of Sutherlin in Douglas County, Oregon, which labels road around the city. A legend near the bottom of the page gives markings for post offices, schools, railroad depots, and public buildings including city hall, court houses, armories, and libraries. Scale: 1:400.
Date: February 1963
Creator: Oregon. State Highway Department. Traffic Engineering Division.
Item Type: Map
Location Info:

[Edgar B. Sutherlin's Veterans' Administration Card]

Description: Veterans Administration card belonging to Edgar B. Sutherlin. Instructions on the back read: "Always have this card with you. The C-No. (Claim NO.) shown on this card has been assigned to your application for benefits, and identifies you and your VA records. Notify this office at once, if your name is incorrectly shown. IMPORTANT: Always include your NAME and C-No., when you write or contact the VA. It helps us give better service."
Date: June 26, 1958
Creator: United States. Veterans Administration.
Item Type: Text