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[Sutherlin Family Introduction]

Description: Introduction to a compilation of letters between Edgar Brown Sutherlin and Edith H. Wilson Sutherlin, giving a brief overview of their lives.
Date: 1990~
Item Type: Text

[Letter from Robert L. Schaadt to Yvonne Sutherlin, January 2, 1986]

Description: Letter from Robert L. Schaadt to Yvonne Sutherlin, on January 2, 1986, thanking her for her donation of her mother-in-law's diary. He expresses his delight at reading it, and asks if Sutherlin would like to donate anything else to the Sam Houston Regional Library & Research Center.
Date: January 2, 1986
Creator: Schaadt, Robert L.
Item Type: Letter
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[Letter from Yvonne Sutherlin to Rudene Graham, July 24, 1985]

Description: Letter from Yvonne Sutherlin to Rudene Graham, on July 24, 1985, giving Graham background on the members of the family that may be related to her, as well as mentioning the books Sutherlin has found on her husband's family.
Date: July 24, 1985
Creator: Sutherlin, Yvonne Aaron
Item Type: Letter

[Clipping: Plates renew memories of early PA, E.B. Sutherlin]

Description: Newspaper article about plates presented to the Port Arthur Historical Museum by James E. Sutherlin, Maureen McElroy, and Waneta Bowman. The article goes on to talk about Edgar B. Sutherlin's practice of exchanging foreign money for American dollars for sailors who came in to Port Arthur, as well as his tendency to buy them meals. The clipping is mounted on a piece of blue paper and laminated.
Date: October 25, 1981
Creator: Reeburgh, Helen
Item Type: Clipping

[Sutherlin Genealogy Records]

Description: Genealogy records for the Sutherlin family, including information on Alfred Sutherlin, Talbot Sutherlin, David Sutherlin, Joseph A. Sutherlin, James H. Sutherlin, J. Samuel Sutherlin, Nellie Ethel Sutherlin, James Franklin Sutherlin, Edgar Brown Sutherlin, Maurine Sutherlin McElroy, and Gene Bruce McElroy.
Date: 1980~
Item Type: Text

[Headstone of Clyda N. Sutherlin]

Description: Photograph of the headstone of Clyda N. Sutherlin at Ladoga Cemetery in Ladoga, Indiana. It reads: "Clyda N. Sutherlin, April 9, 1877, March 5, 1897."
Date: July 9, 1979
Item Type: Photograph

[Child with Headstones]

Description: Photograph of a young girl, Lynn, standing between two headstones at Sutherlin Cemetery in Russelville, Indiana. The headstone on the left is that of Margarete Britton Sutherlin.
Date: July 7, 1979
Item Type: Photograph