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[Sutherlin Family Ancestor Charts]

Description: Ancestor chart showing the genealogy of James Edgar Sutherlin, going back to the 1700s.
Date: November 22, 1992
Creator: Sutherlin, Yvonne Aaron

[Sutherlin Family Introduction]

Description: Introduction to a compilation of letters between Edgar Brown Sutherlin and Edith H. Wilson Sutherlin, giving a brief overview of their lives.
Date: 1990~

[Handwritten Notes on Sutherlin History]

Description: Handwritten notes laying out important Sutherlin family dates to be filed with the First Christian Church history.
Date: 1980~
Creator: Sutherlin, Yvonne Aaron

[Sutherlin Genealogy Records]

Description: Genealogy records for the Sutherlin family, including information on Alfred Sutherlin, Talbot Sutherlin, David Sutherlin, Joseph A. Sutherlin, James H. Sutherlin, J. Samuel Sutherlin, Nellie Ethel Sutherlin, James Franklin Sutherlin, Edgar Brown Sutherlin, Maurine Sutherlin McElroy, and Gene Bruce McElroy.
Date: 1980~

[E. B. Sutherlin Envelope]

Description: Envelope from E. B. Sutherlin's jewelry store. It reads: "Name -- Address -- Phone -- No. -- Charge $ --. E. B. Sutherlin, Jeweler and Watchmaker. Musical Instruments -- Sheet Music and Luggage. 520 Procter Street. Phone 5-5221. Port Arthur, Texas, U. S. A. Instructions."
Date: 195u
Location Info:

[Letter by James Sutherlin to his parents - 12/24/1944]

Description: Letter from James Edgar Sutherlin to his parents where he comments on his relationship with his girlfriend, Arlene, and his views on his personal growth since he entered the Navy.
Date: unknown
Creator: Sutherlin, James E.

[Selective Service Notice of Identification for James Edgar Sutherlin]

Description: Selective Service System's Notice of Identification card for James Edgar Sutherlin. The purpose of the card was to notify the bearer of his Selective Service identification number so that and be able to refer to it in any communication regarding his selective service status.
Date: unknown