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[Letter by Waneta Sutherlin to James Sutherlin - 03/08/1945]

Description: Letter from Waneta Sutherlin Bowman to her brother, James, about a prayer and remembrance service held for serving soldiers, news from home as well as revealing in what branch of the military former members of "Central Christian" church were serving in.
Date: unknown
Creator: Bowman, Waneta Sutherlin
Item Type: Letter

[Naval Auxiliary Air Station - Cabaniss Field Naval Air Training Center - Service Pamphlet]

Description: Pamphlet detailing the "Order of Service for Morning Worship" on February 13, 1944 at the Cabaniss Field Naval Air Training Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. It has a list of prayers, readings, songs and the times and locations for the services for the Protestant, Catholic and Jewish worshipers. The pamphlet, folded in the form of a post-card was addressed from James Edgar Sutherlin to his father, Edgar B. Sutherlin, on February 14, 1944. On the very back of the pamphlet is a list of Bible excerpts handwritten by James.
Date: unknown
Creator: Sutherlin, James E.
Item Type: Postcard

[News Clippings: Deaths of Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Dodd]

Description: Two news clippings concerning the deaths of women of the Sutherlin family. The clipping on the left concerns the death of Mrs. Lydia J. Edwards, who was asphyxiated due to gas fumes in 1920. The second clipping gives an overview of the death and funeral services of Mrs. Christie Dodd in 1902.
Date: {1902, 1920-11-12}
Item Type: Clipping