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[Letter by Waneta Sutherlin to James Sutherlin - 03/08/1945]

Description: Letter from Waneta Sutherlin Bowman to her brother, James, about a prayer and remembrance service held for serving soldiers, news from home as well as revealing in what branch of the military former members of "Central Christian" church were serving in.
Date: unknown
Creator: Bowman, Waneta Sutherlin
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Craig C. Watkins to Edgar B. Sutherlin, July 2, 1958]

Description: Letter from Craig C. Watkins of the Veterans Administration to Edgar B. Sutherlin, on July 2, 1958, acknowledging receipt of Sutherlin's application for compensation or pension, and informing him that it has been referred to the Veterans Benefit Office.
Date: July 2, 1958
Creator: Watkins, Craig C.
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Robert L. Schaadt to Yvonne Sutherlin, January 2, 1986]

Description: Letter from Robert L. Schaadt to Yvonne Sutherlin, on January 2, 1986, thanking her for her donation of her mother-in-law's diary. He expresses his delight at reading it, and asks if Sutherlin would like to donate anything else to the Sam Houston Regional Library & Research Center.
Date: January 2, 1986
Creator: Schaadt, Robert L.
Item Type: Letter
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