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[Burnet, Texas Fourth Grade Class Photo]

Description: Photograph of the 1941 fourth grade class in Burnet, Texas. The students are arranged in four rows outside of a brick building, seated in the front rows and standing in the back. Wendell Lee Tarver is in the front row, second from the right. Writing on the front of the photograph says "Fourth Grade, Burnet, Tex., 1941."
Date: 1941

[Photograph of Tarver Family in Snow]

Description: Photograph of Tarver family siblings posed together in the snow. From left to right: Wendell Lee, Elizabeth Ann, James Walden and Leta Joy (front). They are all dressed for cold weather and James Walden is holding a spotted dog up in front of his face. There is a tree directly behind them and a bicycle is visible on the left.
Date: April 1947

[Two Men in Pig Pen]

Description: Photograph of Wendell Lee Tarver (left) and an unidentified FFA (Future Farmers of America) member on a farm in Burnet, Texas. The two men are wearing casual clothing and hats and appear to be standing in the middle of a pen. There are several pigs and a wire fence visible in front of the men. Various structures including a house and shed as well as trees and fence posts are visible in the background.
Date: April 1947

[Tarver Family Outside of a House]

Description: Photograph of the Tarver family standing together in a line outside of an unidentified house. From left to right: Wendell Lee, James Walden, John Agrippa, Selma Cleo, Elizabeth Ann, and Leta Joy (front). They are standing on the grass next to a flagstone walk; the corner of the house and trees are visible in the background.
Date: April 25, 1949