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[Death Certificate for Nellie Cummings]
Photocopy of the death certificate for Nellie Cummings, daughter of Benjamin F. Price and Asalene Johnson, who died May 1, 1982 in Palestine, Texas from apparent heart failure. She was buried in Price Cemetery in Palestine, Texas on May 8, 1982.
[Funeral Program for Rosa Lee Berry, March 31, 1982]
Funeral program for Rosa Lee Berry, born February 16, 1918 and died March 19, 1982. The funeral was held March 31, 1982 at Sand Flat Baptist Church, officiated by Rev. Roy C. Davis. Funeral arrangements were made through McCoy Funeral Home and she was buried in Price Cemetery near Palestine, Texas.
[Lease for Use of Land by Oxy Petroleum, Inc.]
Land lease granting rights to Oxy Petroleum, Inc. for eight acres in Anderson County, Texas held by Nellie Cummings. The agreement allows for the exploration for and removal of oil, gas, and minerals found on the property.