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[Birtie and William Clountz with Three Men and Three Boys]

Description: Photograph of Birtie and William Clountz standing among a group of three other men. Three boys stand in front of the men, with the two in the center being significantly younger than to boy on the left. The boys and the men left of the Clountz's wear overalls. Birtie and William wear white shirts and dark slacks. The man on the right wears a hat and open jacket.
Date: unknown

Birtie, Girty and Vessie Clountz

Description: Photograph of Birtie, Girty and Vessie Clountz standing outside in front of a field and bare trees. Handwritten notes on the photo indicate that Birtie and Girty are fraternal twins, while Vessie is a slightly older child. These notes also mention the birthday of their mother, Minnie Myers Clountz.
Date: unknown

[Clipping with Advertisements]

Description: Clipping containing advertisements for the Flowing Wells Camp area, Walter Jenning's furniture and appliances, and Montgomery Motor Company. The reverse side features drawings of a deer, a salmon, and a duck alongside the words "meat," "fish," and "game."
Date: unknown

[Elderly Man with Five Children]

Description: Photograph of an elderly man identified as "Big Daddy" holding two young children named George and Helen. A slightly older child, Nala, stands behind "Big Daddy" while holding infant James Jackson Cook. A woman is partially visible to the right. The group is located at the base of an earthen mound with farm buildings in the background.
Date: 1937

[Elderly Woman with Five Children]

Description: Photograph of an elderly woman identified as "Big Mama" sitting in a chair and holding two very young children, Nora and George Cook. Jean, Nola, and Helen Cook stand in a triangular pattern around "Big Mama." They are situated at the base of an earthen mound. Trees and farm buildings can be seen behind them.
Date: 1937

[George Clountz Report Card, July 1, 1949]

Description: Report card containing the scholastic merits of George Clountz from the Daily Vacation Bible School at Overton, Texas. The card includes religious quotes, grades, and information about the school. A yellow seal bearing the word "Honor" appears at the upper left corner.
Date: July 1, 1949
Creator: Perry, Restore S.

[Georgetown School]

Description: Photograph of the Georgetown School, a rural school in Greyson County, Texas. Girls of various ages stand behind a group of seated boys. An adult male in a suit stands behind the girls. A handwritten note on the back reads, "Front row, sixth from left George W. Clountz."
Date: 1946~