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Alice Landergin School, Amarillo, Texas

Description: Photograph of the Alice Landergin elementary school in Amarillo, Texas during construction. The brick building features arched doorways and a clay tile roof. Scaffolding and ladders are against the building and building materials are on the ground. The architect of the building, Guy A. Carlander, and the general contractor, Albert L. Randall, are identified on the photograph.
Date: June 30, 1928
Creator: Gray Studio

Alice Landergin School, Amarillo, Texas

Description: Photograph of the construction of Alice Landergin School, an elementary school in Amarillo, Texas. The school building is built from brick and has a clay tile roof. The front of the school has three decorative arched doorways. Building materials are visible on the ground and scaffolding stands at both ends of the building. The architect, Guy A. Carlander, and building contractor, Albert L. Randall, are named on the image.
Date: June 30, 1928

[Amarillo High School]

Description: Photograph of Amarillo High School in Amarillo, Texas. The front facade of the three-story brick building is shown. One mature tree and three saplings line the street in front of the building. A windmill and a residence are visible in the right background.
Date: 192u

[Assembly at West Texas State Teachers College]

Description: Photograph of a group of people on stage at the West Texas State Teachers College auditorium. One man, probably college president Joseph A. Hill, stands at the front of the stage at one side a small table draped with a large Texas flag. A large volume is on the table. A group of about forty men and women are seated in rows on the stage. One woman is seated by herself at the far left of the stage. Some audience members are visible at the front of the auditorium seating area.
Date: 192u

B. M. Baker School, Pampa, Texas

Description: Photograph of the B. M. Baker School in Pampa, Texas. The front facade and one side of the building are visible. The building is constructed of brick and has a concrete walkway around the front and side of the building. Two automobiles are parked on a dirt street in front of the school. Three children are visible; one out at the concrete walkway and two at the open front doors of the building.
Date: [1927~]

[Baseball game at West Texas State Normal College]

Description: Photograph of a baseball game at West Texas State Normal College. The game is shown from behind third base, looking across the infield. The pitcher has just released the ball and the batter, catcher and umpire await the pitch at home plate. A few players are seated on a bench along the first base line, and a small group of spectators stand and sit behind and to one side of the plate. A coach stands in the background near first base, and another is in the foreground on the third base side. Football goalposts stand on the far side of the baseball field, and the temporary school buildings built after the main building fire of 1914 are visible in the background.
Date: 191u

Bovina, Tex., Nov. 1914

Description: Photograph of a group of students and a teacher in Bovina, Texas. The group is posed in front of a brick building, probably the school. The teacher is standing in the back row in the center. The photograph is attached to a card and beneath the picture is a handwritten note, "To mama, from John." On the back is written, "John in first grade."
Date: November 1914

Breaking ground for the new gymnasium to be built by the townspeople, students and faculty of the West Texas State Teachers College, at Canyon, Texas

Description: Photograph of a team of two horses pulling a plow to break ground for the college gymnasium. J. Davis Hill leads the team while Odus Mitchell and Nay Hale walk behind. A large crowd of onlookers encircles the event. A second team of animals is visible in the background, and several automobiles are parked beyond the crowd.
Date: October 10, 1924

Buffalo base ball team of season 1926

Description: Photograph of the West Texas State Teachers College baseball team, taken against a studio backdrop. Four players are seated; the remaining six players and the coach stand in two rows behind them. The players are wearing uniforms and the coach is wearing a coat and tie. They are identified on the verso as follows: left to right, back, Coach, O.G. Eckhardt, Jr. Wilson, Raymond Elkins, Earl Phillips, Felix Harrell, Reagan Bivins, Ray Hill, Gilbert Gee, Elbert Boone, Wayne Johnson, Buck Tate, Ross
Date: 1926

The buffalo handbook

Description: A handbook for students of West Texas State Normal College, which includes information about the college and the town of Canyon, a directory, an academic calendar, and advertisements for local businesses.
Date: 1922
Creator: West Texas State Normal College

C.B.A. Alumni

Description: A printed invitation from the faculty of the Canadian Academy to alumni, to an event to be held at the school on February 17, 1912. Alumni, current seniors, and faculty are listed.
Date: 1912
Creator: Canadian Academy (Canadian, Tex.)

Canyon City Public School

Description: Photograph of the Canyon City Public School. It is a two story brick building with a covered front entry and a frame bell tower. The chimney at one side of the building features a stepped facade above the eaves.
Date: [190u]
Creator: Lusby, Maidens Stennett

[Canyon City, Texas class of 1903]

Description: Photograph of the graduating class of 1903 of Canyon City High School. Shown are two men in suits and five women in white dresses, photographed before a studio backdrop, framed by potted plants. Each person is holding a rolled sheet. Photocopies from the commencement program are attached to the reverse of the photograph, listing the graduates.
Date: 1903
Creator: Lusby, Maidens Stennett