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[1101 N. Perry - Howard House]

Description: The Howard House was the former home of Colonel George Howard and his wife, Cornelia Cox Howard. Built in 1851 the house is located on land deeded August 17, 1850 to Colonel Howard from Judge Reuben Reeves and his wife, Sarah. Colonel Howard and Mrs. Howard came to Palestine from Tennessee in 1849. Given the title of Colonel when he organized a company of men during the Civil War, he later served in the Texas Legislature, held several county offices and was Mayor of Palestine from 1886-1887. Colonel Howard was an active merchant in Palestine and in 1855 his store was located on the east side of the courthouse square. The Howard House of Greek revival influence is one of the best preserved examples of the ante bellum homes in the city. A walk of handmade brick leads to the house with its pillared portico and a center hall runs through the house with rooms on either side. There are a number of furnishings and other interesting items which are original to the house including a beautifully carved piano. The home remained in the possession of descendants of the Howard family until it was purchased by the City of Palestine on November 23, 1964 for a museum. Since that time it has been repaired and is being furnished by various organizations for meetings.
Date: 1930~

[Hotel O'Neill - 313 Spring Street]

Description: Copy negative of storefronts on Spring Street in Palestine, Texas. There are two connected brick buildings, two stories on the left and four stories on the right; they have some brick embellishments around the windows. The first building appears to have two storefronts that have a sidewalk cover across the front and a barber's pole on the left corner as well as the words "Bus Station" on one window. To the right, a store labeled "O'Neill Drug Store" is in the larger building, and a roof with a second-story balcony is visible on the far right, over another entrance. There are cars parked along the street and several people visible outside the buildings.
Date: 1930~

[McKnight Plaza - Palestine]

Description: Photo of McKnight Plaza taken during the 1930s. This business district was the primary area for businesses owned and operated by African-Americans in Palestine, and was located in the 100 block of Avenue A, on the south side of the street next to what is now United Realty (the former First National Bank Building). The building was demolished in 1945.
Date: 1930~

[St. Phillips Episcopal Church - 106 E. Crawford]

Description: Copy negative of the front of the St. Phillips Episcopal Church, located at 106 E. Crawford in Palestine, Texas, taken from W Crawford Street. It is a brick building that has windows with pointed arches. There is a taller, square tower on the northwest corner of the building. Other buildings are partially visible on the right side of the building and automobiles are parked along the streets. Text at the bottom of the photo says "Episcopal Church, Palestine, Tex."
Date: 1930~
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[Wrecked Vehicle]

Description: Photo of an overturned bootleggers truck in Anderson County. This photo is possibly related to the wreck mentioned in the article below, which was found in the Palestine Daily Herald Newspaper on 23 December 1933. Shorty Burnett Makes Bond Today In Fatal Mishap Walter Wiley Killed In Climax of Chase Last Night By Officers; Big Liquor supply Is Found W.S. "Shorty" Burnett, local white man, posted $1000 bond in Justice A.G. Moore's court today on a charge of transporting intoxicating liquor growing out of a chase on highway 1? late last night that enuminated in the death of Walter "Moon" Wiley, 43, local painter and paperhanger. Wiley's neck was broken and chest crushed in an automobile chase that started near the city airport. He died upon reaching the Speegle-Dupuy Hospital in an ambulance. Wiley and another man, believed to be Burnett, were riding toward Palestine in a 1922 model Chevrolet coach when Deputy Constables John Neal and Olin Farish started after them. According to officers' story, Neal and Farish hailed the occupants of the fleeing car demanding them to stop, instead the car increased its speed and the driver made other efforts to prevent the officers from driving alongside, it was stated. When about six miles from Palestine, the car occupied by Wiley and the second man met another car headed west. Apparently blinded by the approaching machine the car in which Wiley was riding swerved to the right leaving the concrete and overturning. Wiley's companion crawled out of the wreckage and fled through the woods, officers said. About 1:25 a.m., Burnett's car was reported stolen from his garage. Officers said it was Burnett's car they were chasing. Burnett is under indictment for possession of intoxicating liquor and his trial has been set for next week. Following the fatal accident, ...
Date: 1933~