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[Photograph of Jesse Barcus]

Description: Photograph of Jesse Barcus, who stands with a hat in his right hand, wearing a dark-colored suit with a bow tie. Behind him and to the right is a white building with wooden lattice panels covering the window, suggesting a screened sunroom. The building is surrounded by shrubbery and brush and a large, leafy tree can be seen peeking out from behind it. A handwritten note on the back reads, "Jesse Barcus, 1936."
Date: 1936

[Photograph of Johnie Louise Bruyere]

Description: Photograph of Johnie Louise Bruyere walking down Austin Avenue in Waco in summer 1936. She wears a dark polka-dot dress with a white ribbon at the neck, a white hat with a dark ribbon, and white shoes. There are cars parked on the street to the left of her, and several men walk past and behind her.
Date: [1936-05..1936-08]

[The Stricklin Children]

Description: Photograph of the children of Walter and Pearl Stricklin. They are, from left to right, Jeanice, Elizabeth, Velma, Thelma, and Annis Marie. Elizabeth sits in a chair with a book in her lap and Jeanice's arm around her neck. Velma stands behind the piano sit with her hands folded in front of her. Thelma sits at the piano with her hands on the keys. Annis Marie sits on the piano bench next to Thelma, with a book of some kind in her hands. There is sheet music along the piano stand. They stand in front of a door, and many pictures can be seen on the wall behind them. The photo is housed in a brown matte case that folds open to reveal it.
Date: 1930~

[Third Grade Class at Gurley School]

Description: Photograph of the third grade class of 1935-1936 at Gurley School. The teacher is Mary Lou Griffis, who stands to the left of the children. The children in the front row are, from left to right, Doyle Smith, unidentified, Bueford Blanton, Billy Harvison, and unidentified. In the second row: Eugene Ashley, Edward Leonard, Clark McCall, Robert Nelon, Richard Jackson, J. W. White, Walter Angerman, unidentified, and Cecile Moseley. In the third row: unidentified, Wanda Estes, Edna Pauline Reimer, Mary Gene Wemple, Erline Threlkeld, Betty Jean Washington, a girl called Lottie, and Fay Harper. In the fourth row: unidentified, Mary Lu Kunze, Evelyn King, Gwendolyn Davis, Ladine Sullins, Claudie Eddleman, Margaret Woods, and Frances Wakefield.
Date: [1935..1936]