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[Acting Troupe in Blackface]

Description: Photograph of an acting troupe, all men, in black face. One of them, in the back row, is dressed as a woman, with a blouse and a feathered hat. The man in the front row wearing a striped hat holds a horn instrument. The man on the far right does not wear black face, and is dressed in a three-piece suit and tie.
Date: [1911..1915]

[Couple Playing Cards on a Porch]

Description: Photograph of a group of people sitting on the porch of a house. A man and woman sit on the steps playing cards. He holds his in his hands, while hers rest on her lap, as she has food in her hands. In the left background, a woman and a little girl wearing a heavy fur-lined coat, hat, and muff stand. A man wearing a flat cap sits on the porch behind the couple playing cards.
Date: 1913

[Four Men in a Hot Air Balloon]

Description: Photograph of four men standing in between two painted pictures that make it appear as though they are standing in a hot air balloon. Three of them wear flat caps, while the third, who is labeled Paul, wears a straw hat. A sign on the hot air balloon painting reads "Above Them All In Hico."
Date: 1914

[A House in Hico]

Description: Photograph of a house in Hico, Texas. It is a two-story house with many spires, as well as a wrap-around porch. There are many plants, trees, and flowers in the front yard and on the steps leading up to the front door.
Date: 1920

[A House in Hico]

Description: Photograph of a house in Hico, Texas. It is a two-story building with a wrap-around porch and a large front yard. There are very few trees in the front yard, although there is one to the back of the house.
Date: 1911

[Man and Woman Dancing]

Description: Photograph of a man and a woman standing in the yard in front of a house. He wears a suit, and she wears a white coat with the hood pulled up on her head. They are posed as if they are dancing, with her hand on his shoulder, and his on her waist. Two men can be seen on the porch between the faces of the man and woman.
Date: 1910~

[Photograph of 1918 Carlton World War I parents in Front of Store]

Description: Photograph from November 11, 1918 in Carlton, TX. Everyone from Hamilton County with a son in World War I was called to Carlton square for a picture. John O. and Beulah Pollard Forrest are seen on the second row, center. John O. is behind the seated man with the hat between his feet and Beulah is to John O.'s left. A sign in the window of the store reads "All Leather Shoes, Friedman Shelby, Curbo Merc. Co."
Date: November 11, 1918
Creator: Wiseman

[Photograph of Two Boys]

Description: Photograph of two boys, R. Jon and Bobbe. Bobbe stands in front of R. Jon and holds his flat cap to his side. R. Jon is wearing his flat cap, and his hand is on Bobbe's neck. They stand in a yard in front of a tree. Two houses can be seen in the background.
Date: 1910~

[Postcard of Oakwood Cemetery]

Description: Postcard of Oakwood Cemetery in Waco, Texas. In the group of markers in the left half of the photo are Richard Coke, Dr. David Richard Wallace, and the Edwin A. Sturgis family. A handwritten note on the back of the postcard is addressed to Mr. Fritz Schulz in Hamilton County, Texas and is mostly illegible.
Date: 1921

[Three Boys on a Cot]

Description: Photograph of three boys sitting on a wooden cot placed on the rocks by an unidentified body of water. The boy on the left holds a beer bottle in his hands. The boy in the middle has a cigarette between his fingers. Pillows and blankets are visible behind the boy on the right, who wears a flat cap. A shoe has been discarded next to the boy in the flat cap. A box can be seen to the left of the boy with the bottle.
Date: 1915

[Three Boys Standing in a Yard]

Description: Photograph of three young boys standing in a front yard. A baby sits in a chair between two older boys, both of whom wear flat caps, dark shorts, and button-up shirts. The boy on the left looks to the side. The other boy squints into the camera. A staircase can be seen to the far left.
Date: 1902

[Three Men in a Canoe]

Description: Photograph of three men in a canoe. The two men at the front and rear of the canoe are naked, while the one sitting in the middle is fully dressed. The man on the left holds an oar in the water. The other naked man is standing, but bent over.
Date: 1915