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[Photograph of Gertie and Jesse Blair and Dog]

Description: Portrait of Gertie and Jesse Blair, both standing in front of an ocean landscape backdrop - sailboat to the right, lighthouse to the left - holding an umbrella and shotgun. A dog sits between the two children, its body and forefront paws in focus, only. The girl wears a dark-colored dress and jacket with a detailed collar, and the boy wears a pleated jacket with shorts and tights.
Date: unknown
Creator: Akers, M. F.

[Photograph of Sam Wise Home and Family]

Description: Photograph of the home built by Sam Wise with a family standing in front of it and next to a car. The members of the family are identified as: First row: (left to right) Iris and Lindsey Burley, Sadie Wise (pregnant with Lois Wise), Howard Wise, Ray L. Wise held by his father V. A. Wise, Legel and Clyde Wise, and Mary Lou and John Wise; Second row: grandpa Samuel Curtis Wise, Melvin Wise, grandma Francis Josephine Carlisle Wise, Louise Wise, Thelma Lee Wise, and Vera Hunter Wise.
Date: August 12, 1917

[Portrait of Feriba Harp]

Description: Photograph of Feriba O'Rear Harp, an elderly woman dressed in austere clothing that features a giant lace collar. According to handwritten information on the back of the photo, she lived from 1815-1890. She was the wife of Seaborn Harp.
Date: unknown