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[Portrait of Julia Beville and Alexander Archer Beville]

Description: A tintype portrait of Julia Beville and Alexander Archer Beville. Julia, left, wears a floral printed dress which is cinched at the waist with a belt. She wears gold earrings, a ring, and two strings of pearls. Julia's right hand holds Alexander's, while in her left hand she holds a small purse. Alexander sits on the right. He wears a suit with a silk vest underneath. The hand-colored photograph is housed in a decorative leather case with a traditional brass matte. Behind the photograph, the following was written in pencil on the case: Julia Beville, 9 years old, and A. A. Beville, taken when 16 years old, in Wytheville, Va.
Date: 1857~

[Portrait of Mary Frances Smith and Edward R. Barcus]

Description: Photograph of Mary Frances Smith Barcus and Rev. Edward R. Barcus, posed sitting, visible from the knees up. Mary Frances Smith Barcus wears a white dress with ruffle detailing along the bodice and sleeves, and Rev. Edward R. Barcus wears a dark-colored three-piece suit with a cravat and popped collar. A handwritten note on the back reads, "Grandmama Barcus and Grandfather Barcus. Taken on their wedding day July 1, 1852. Mary Frances Smith (1832-1922) and Rev. Edward R. Barcus (1825-1896)."
Date: July 1, 1852