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[Dr. Alexander Archer Beville's Diary, 1870]

Description: Diary belonging to Dr. Alexander Archer Beville for the year 1870. It has a black leather cover, and the opening flap is embossed with the words "Diary 1870" in gold. A sewing needle has been sewn to the inside of the diary. The first few pages have already been filled in with a calendar, interest table, stamp duties, a table for time differences, the phases of the moon, and a list of important battles. Beville used the diary to record expenses, special events, and dental appointments.
Date: 1870
Creator: Beville, Alexander Archer
Item Type: Book

[Jessie Elizabeth Willis at the Age of 12]

Description: Photograph of Jessie Elizabeth "Bettie" Willis, at age 12. She is the daughter of Letitia Barnett Hutchison Willis and Dr. Thomas L. Willis. She stands next to a chair, resting her hand on its arm. She wears a black dress with a white collar. The photograph has been hand colored.
Date: [1873..1874]
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of John Lynn Bennett]

Description: Photograph of John Lynn Bennett. He sits on a chair covered in a patterned blanket, and one arm is placed on the back of the chair. He looks to the side, open-mouthed, and wears a white gown.
Date: [1870..1900]
Creator: W. D. Jackson Photographic Studio
Item Type: Photograph

[Receipt from Willis & Willis Physicians and Surgeons]

Description: Receipt from Willis & Willis physicians and surgeons for the medical services of a man whose name is illegible. The medical practice was owned by Dr. James Madison Willis and his son, Dr. Joe Selman Willis.
Date: October 20, 1874
Creator: Willis, James Madison
Item Type: Text