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[Funeral Notice for Thomas L. Willis]

Description: Funeral notice for Thomas L. Willis, which reads: "Funeral Notice. The friends and acquaintances of the late DR. T. L. WILLIS are requested to attend his funeral from the family residence at 4 o'clock this evening, interrment [sic] at Odd Fellows' Cemetery. Services will be conducted by Rev. Mr. Chalk at the grave. Denton, Texas, Monday, April 1, 1889."
Date: April 1, 1889

[Invitation to the Wedding of Sallie Parker and Thomas Middlebrook Willis]

Description: Photograph of an invitation to the wedding of Sallie Ann Parker and Thomas Middlebrook Willis. A note in the top left corner reads "To Ma & Pa." The invitation reads: "Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Parker Request your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Sallie, to Thos. M. Willis, Wednesday Evening, June 16th, at 8:30 o'clock. First Presbyterian Church. Reception at 9 o'clock. At home. Abilene, Texas. 1886."
Date: June 16, 1886

[Laura Mary Burgess Weyant Album]

Description: Album containing photographs of a mustached man wearing a suit and bow tie, a girl wearing a dark dress, a mustached man wearing a dark suit, and a woman with her hair in a bun. A folder labeled "The Presidents" is attached to the inner back cover. The album is made of brown leather with golden scroll-work and has two metal latches attached to its surface.
Date: 1883~

[Law License Belonging to Thomas Middlebrook Willis]

Description: Photograph of a law license belonging to Thomas Middlebrook Willis. It reads: "Law School of Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee. To All to Whom These Presents Shall Come, Greeting: Know Ye, That we, the Professors of the Law School of Cumberland University, having examined Thos. M. Willis, touching his knowledge of the Law, and being satisfied with his attainments; and further, having before us the proofs required by Statue, that he is a man of good moral character and twenty-one years of age; Now, therefore, we, by the authority in us vested, do grant the said Thos. M. Willis, License to Practise Law in all the Courts of the State of Tennessee. Given under our hands, and the Soul of the University, at Lebanon, this 18th day of January 1883."
Date: January 18, 1883

[Photograph of Dr. F. Fanning - Magnetic Healer]

Description: Photograph of Dr. Frank Fanning, magnetic healer, wearing an overcoat - the very beginning of a patterned necktie and tie tack can be seen. In his left hand he holds a hat, and in his right hand he holds a cane. Embossed below the photograph, on the mat, reads, "Dr. F. Fanning, Magnetic Healer." A handwritten note on the back reads, "With compliments of Frank Fanning, San Antonio, Tex. Feb. 14, 1888."
Date: February 14, 1888
Creator: Deane

[Portrait of Wirt A. Paddock]

Description: Portrait of Wirt A. Paddock, a young man wearing a suit and polka dot tie. A handwritten note on the back of the photo says "Wirt A. Paddock, January 1889. Knox College, Class of '89. Fort Worth, Texas. Property of Alpha Xi of Beta Theta Pi."
Date: January 1889
Creator: Merritt