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[Christmas Card to Johnie Louise Bruyere]

Description: A Christmas card addressed to Johnie Louise Bruyere, from a man who signs himself "John R." It has a painting of a small cottage in the woods on the cover, with the word "Greetings" underneath. Inside, it reads "To wish you all happiness for Christmas and the New Year."
Date: December 23, 1933
Location Info:

[Dance Card]

Description: Small booklet with a drawing of a cracked bell on the front. When opened, it reveals a place to put a table number as well as a couple number. On the opposite page, there are eight blank spaces to write in the name of dance partners. A small string is attached to the upper left hand corner of the booklet, so that it can be worn on the wrist.
Date: 1930~

[Letter from C. T. Caldwell to John T. Willis, Sr., June 30, 1938]

Description: Letter from Rev. Dr. Charles T. Caldwell to John T. Willis, Sr. Caldwell begins by lamenting the year that has gone by since he retired as the pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Waco, and goes on to thank Willis for being a good friend. He expresses gratitude for Willis' cooperation in deciding important matters, and informs him of his appreciation for Willis and his family.
Date: June 30, 1938
Creator: Caldwell, Charles T.

[Letter to Johnie Louise Bruyere, June 18, 1932]

Description: Letter from a woman named Lucile to Johnie Louise Bruyere on June 18, 1932. It is written on stationery for Tom Padgitt Company, Inc. Lucile congratulates Bruyere on her grades, enclosing her report card. She goes on to discuss the fruit trees, and what she thinks she'll get her father for Father's Day.
Date: June 18, 1932