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[China Cup]

Description: Photograph of a china cup that belonged to Anthony Garnett Smith, Jr. and his wife Elizabeth M. Smith in the 1840's. The cup was part of their wedding china. The cup was later given to their daughter, Adalade "Addie" Smith Howell of Hill County and McLennan County.
Date: 1848
Creator: Willis, T. Bradford

[Thomas L. Willis' Class Cards]

Description: Photograph of two class cards belonging to Thomas L. Willis. The first card is for the class "Institutes and Practice of Medicine", and is signed by Davis D. Ford, M.D. The second card is for the class "Lectures on Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Infants," to be taught by Joseph A. Eve, M.D. Both cards are dated November 1849.
Date: November 1849
Creator: Willis, T. Bradford

[Portrait of Mary Frances Smith and Edward R. Barcus]

Description: Photograph of Mary Frances Smith Barcus and Rev. Edward R. Barcus, posed sitting, visible from the knees up. Mary Frances Smith Barcus wears a white dress with ruffle detailing along the bodice and sleeves, and Rev. Edward R. Barcus wears a dark-colored three-piece suit with a cravat and popped collar. A handwritten note on the back reads, "Grandmama Barcus and Grandfather Barcus. Taken on their wedding day July 1, 1852. Mary Frances Smith (1832-1922) and Rev. Edward R. Barcus (1825-1896)."
Date: July 1, 1852

[Portrait of Julia Beville and Alexander Archer Beville]

Description: A tintype portrait of Julia Beville and Alexander Archer Beville. Julia, left, wears a floral printed dress which is cinched at the waist with a belt. She wears gold earrings, a ring, and two strings of pearls. Julia's right hand holds Alexander's, while in her left hand she holds a small purse. Alexander sits on the right. He wears a suit with a silk vest underneath. The hand-colored photograph is housed in a decorative leather case with a traditional brass matte. Behind the photograph, the following was written in pencil on the case: Julia Beville, 9 years old, and A. A. Beville, taken when 16 years old, in Wytheville, Va.
Date: 1857~

[Photograph of John P. Willis]

Description: Photograph of John P. Willis, made in Denton, Texas. He wears a suit, and stands with one hand holding a candle holder on a table. There is a painted background behind him, and a small fake dog has been placed slightly behind him.
Date: [1864..1874]
Creator: Weatherington, G. R.

[Dr. Alexander Archer Beville's Diary, 1870]

Description: Diary belonging to Dr. Alexander Archer Beville for the year 1870. It has a black leather cover, and the opening flap is embossed with the words "Diary 1870" in gold. A sewing needle has been sewn to the inside of the diary. The first few pages have already been filled in with a calendar, interest table, stamp duties, a table for time differences, the phases of the moon, and a list of important battles. Beville used the diary to record expenses, special events, and dental appointments.
Date: 1870
Creator: Beville, Alexander Archer