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[Photograph of Downtown Waco]

Description: Photograph of downtown Waco with cars, including a police car, parked on the street and several businesses visible, including Harry Kestner Furniture, Hardware, and Appliances, John Q. Fitch Co. General Electric Appliances, Willie's Cafe, J. B. Holder & Co. Cotton, and W. D. Hunter Cotton.
Date: 1967~

[Postcard of Dead Ducks at Chris's Cafe]

Description: Postcard of dead ducks hanging from a wooden pole in front of the window of "Chris's Cafe." A sign above the ducks says, "These ducks killed with Peter's High Velocity Shells (The Shell With A Wallop). Peter's Shells for Sale by the W. A. Holt Co. Inc., 407 Franklin St."
Date: 1920
Creator: Gildersleeve
Location Info:

[Postcard of Tents and Mess Halls at Camp MacArthur]

Description: Postcard of rows of wooden buildings and canvas tents. A printed note under the photo describes it: "Tents and rear of mess halls, Camp MacArthur, Waco, Texas." A handwritten note on the back of the postcard is addressed to Gertrude Odien in Detroit, Michigan and reads: "Dear Gertrude, Thank you so much for the cute [illegible]. I see you remembered my failing [illegible]. George came up to be married Xmas day. We all had a very nice time for 2 days. Nice and warm here now. Am very busy knitting yet."
Date: 1918

[Portrait of a Group of People]

Description: Portrait of a group of three men and three women, with one woman in the middle sitting on a rope swing and the rest kneeling and standing around her. A handwritten note on the back of the photo says "Shows all are not dead yet? One missing yet. A last link to make the picture complete."
Date: unknown
Creator: McDaniel, J. D.

[Photograph of Douglas Select School Football Team of 1908]

Description: Photograph of the Douglas Select School football team of 1908. The team members are: (left to right) standing: Hal Hays, Green, Barton King, Bickham Cartwright, Jimmie Humphries, Prof. Stephen A. Douglas, Marcus Barnes, Andrew Crow, Hugh Eichelberger, Wade Russell, and Jesse McLendon; and sitting: Wady Sims, Arnold Floyd "Jim" Crow, Newton Lacy, and Tom Chapoton.
Date: 1908
Creator: Heilmann Studio