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[Portrait of Emma Shaw Broiles]

Description: Photograph of Emma Shaw Broiles, a young woman clad in high-collared clothing with a floral boutonniere pinned to the chest. Her hair is pulled back with a pompadour at the front. Handwritten notes on the back of the photo provide information about the Shaw family and the Sleeper family. One of the notes reveals that the photo was "purchased at Frank M. Quinius' estate sale in Waco, 2007."
Date: unknown
Creator: W. D. Jackson Photographic Studio

[Portrait of John Sleeper]

Description: Photograph of John Sleeper, a middle-aged man with a bushy mustache, clad in a suit and bowtie. According to handwritten notes on the back, the photo was a gift "for Little Mary Sleeper from Uncle John." Additionally, John Sleeper was the brother of Jeremiah Sleeper, who was the father of the aforementioned Mary Sleeper. Both Jeremiah and John were the sons of Fabius Hoyt Sleeper.
Date: 1904
Creator: Sanders Photography

[Portrait of Margaret McDowell]

Description: Photograph of Margaret Stribling Sleeper, née McDowell. She is an elderly woman clad in austere clothing and is wearing a lace bonnet in her hair. On the back of the photo is a sticker with the text, "Margaret McDowell 1793-1864."
Date: unknown
Creator: Willis, John Todd

[Portrait of Margaret McDowell Sleeper]

Description: Photograph of Margaret McDowell Stribling Sleeper, an elderly woman wearing austere black clothing and a bonnet. According to handwritten notes on the back of the photo, she was the wife of Gideon Sleeper, the mother of Gardner Southworth Sleeper, and the grandmother of Nannie Sleeper Evans.
Date: unknown

[The Sleeper Family Women]

Description: Photograph of the women of the Sleeper family, posed for a portrait together on the porch of their family home at 1108 Austin Ave in Waco, Texas. Seated on the front row from left to right is Pattie Markham Sleeper, Isadore Elizabeth Causey Sleeper, and Clorinda Sleeper Morgan. Standing behind them are Mrs. Simpson Ridley Stribling and Mrs. Stribling.
Date: unknown
Location Info:

[Stained Glass Window at a Church]

Description: Copy photograph of a stained glass window at First Presbyterian Church in Waco, Texas. It features an image of Jesus Christ with the text "I am the vine; ye are the branches." The window is a memorial for Fabius Hoyt Sleeper and Pattie Markham Sleeper.
Date: 1984
Creator: Willis, T. Bradford

[Young Man and Woman]

Description: Photograph of a young man and young woman, Henry Frank Smith and Monetta Stribling, locking arms and posing for a picture. Behind them an automobile is partially visible. They are dressed in semi-formal attire; the young woman has a corsage attached to her clothing.
Date: December 1917