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[The Evans and Kendrick Families]

Description: Photograph of friends from two families, the Evanses and the Kendricks, seated together and posed for a portrait. Pictured from left to right are Sarah Elizabeth Evans, Sue Kendrick, James M. Kendrick (the child standing in front), Maria Evans Sleeper, Charles Evans, Sr., and Blanche Kendrick holding Charles E. Kendrick in her lap.
Date: 1923

[The Evans Family at Home]

Description: Photograph of the Evans family posed on the porch steps of their house in Waco, Texas. Standing in the top row wearing an apron are Sarah (AKA Sallie) Isabel Baker Evans and her husband William George Evans. Also pictured on the left are Charles Evans, Jr., Sarah Elizabeth Evans, William Warren Evans, Lillian Evans (as an infant), and Rosa Johnson Evans. On the right are two young brothers Harold and John Sleeper and their mother Maria Evans Sleeper.
Date: unknown

[Friends at a Beach]

Description: Photograph of four friends standing ankle deep in water at an unidentified beach. From left to right is John T. Willis, Sr., Nannie Clara Evans Willis, Robert Warren Evans, and Lucile Elizabeth Evans. They are all wearing bathing suits.
Date: unknown

[Lillian Evans at Her Family Home]

Description: Photograph of a young Lillian Evans standing outside of the Evans family home in Waco, Texas. A handwritten note on the back of the photo claims that she is the daughter of William Warren Evans. A photo of a man is attached to the back of the photo; the name "James" has been written directly beneath the photo.
Date: unknown

[Lucile Evans as a Maid of Honor]

Description: Photograph of Lucile Elizabeth Evans, standing outside the Evans family home at 2100 Colcord Avenue in Waco, Texas. As the maid of honor to an unidentified bride, she is clad in a long-sleeved dress and a wide-brimmed hat. She is clutching a bouquet of flowers in her arm. The photo is attached to a piece of black paper upon which this note has been written underneath the photo: "the maid of honor Miss Lucile Evans, April 29, '17."
Date: April 29, 1917

[Members of the Evans Family]

Description: Photograph of five members of the Evans family standing together on the porch of the family home at 2100 Colcord Avenue in Waco, Texas. Standing on the top row are Charles Evans, Jr., Robert Warren Evans, and William Gardner Evans. On the front row are Nannie Clara Evans Willis and Lucile Elizabeth Evans.
Date: unknown

[Nannie Sleeper Evans Holding a Baby]

Description: Photograph of an elderly Nannie Caroline Sleeper Evans holding an infant (Nancy Claire Willis) in her arms. Nannie is visible from the waist up and is wearing several layers and a dark-colored hat; the baby is wearing a light-colored dress, bonnet, and booties and is smiling at the camera. There are plants visible in the background. The corners on the left side of the photograph are cut off.
Date: 1928