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[Abilene Clearing House Association]

Description: Photograph of John T. Willis, Sr. in a group photograph of the Abilene Clearing House Association. He stands in the middle of the back row with his hands on the shoulders of the man in front of him. All of the men are dressed in white shirts, and several have money in their pockets or hands.
Date: 1912

[Photograph of Norma Aldine Reck]

Description: Photograph of Norma Aldine Reck in celebration of graduating from Milwaukie Grammar School in Milwaukie, Oregon. Norma Aldine Reck wears a white dress with lace detailing and a white flower in her hair. To the right is a table overflowing with vases of flowers: lilies, roses, peonies, etc., and she holds a bouquet of carnations in her hands. A hand written note on the back reads, "Norma Aldine Reck, Milwaukie Grammar Grade, June 22, 1912. Milwaukie, Oregon."
Date: June 22, 1912

[Postcard of Ice House in McAllen]

Description: Postcard of a building near railroad tracks with people standing on its porch. A note on the front of the postcard describes it: "McAllen, Tex. Ice House." A handwritten note on the back of the postcard, addressed to Mrs. Amelia Rinkle in St. Louis, Missouri, says, "Best regards from Lon and Florence."
Date: 1912