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[Photograph of Group Outside School]

Description: Photograph of a large group of men and women standing together outside of a school building. Three of the men are labeled with numbers 1-3, and a corresponding note on the back of the photo identifies them as "1. Boyce Attaway my brother, 2. Alton Hardin, and 3. Lesly Attaway my older brother."
Date: [1919, 1920]

[Photograph of Terrell Foster]

Description: Photograph of Terrell Foster sitting on a stump with his legs crossed, wearing a dark-colored suit and straw hat. The background consists of stumps, grass and scattered leaves. A hand written note on the back reads, "Terrell Foster, Bloomburg, Texas, March 1919."
Date: March 1919

[Postcard of Gerlts Residence]

Description: Postcard of a row of houses, with one house prominent in the foreground. A note on the front of the postcard says "View north side, Gerlts residence setion at McAllen, Texas." The postcard is addressed to Mrs. Amelia Rinkel in St. Louis, MO and a note on the back of the card says "Compliments of Florence and Lon Gerlts."
Date: April 6, 1919