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[Photo Album of Earnest Ruben McElreath]

Description: Photo album compiled by Earnest Ruben McElreath. According to a handwritten note in the front of the album, it "presents pictures of friends, family, ex-sweeties, kinsman, pals, scenery, sports, football players, buddies, chums, and himself." Each page contains pictures as well as handwritten notes. Earnest Ruben McElreath was born Dec. 15, 1905 in Munday, Knox County, Texas and died Sept. 15, 1988 in Bexar County, Texas. He served as a major in the U. S. Army during World War II and is buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. Some pictures were taken before Sept. 1, 1925. Book started Jan. 1, 1926-completed Oct. 14, 1926. Page 2: Mary and her dog Doodles, and a photo of Earnest Ruben McElreath. Page 3: Photos of Clorine Mc-, Mary, Connie of Dallas. Page 4: Photos of Mary H. & Mary, Beckie & Mary. Page 5: Photos of Dovie and Mary. Page 6: Photos of Constance, Mary, and Beckie. Page 7: Photos of Dovie & Stewart, Mary, Perry Lee. Page 8: Photos of Hazel “Bob” Fields, Mary, Myrtice Jones. Page 9: Photos of Rebbeca “Beckie” Harlan. Page 10: Photos of Dovie and Mary. Page 11: Photos of Earnest Ruben McElreath on the beach at Galveston, Texas. Page 12: Photos of Aunt Constance, Connie, and Mrs. New. Page 13: Photos of Mary and Harold in Dallas on June 25, 1925. Page 14: Photos of Morgan, Steele, Huntley, Neal, Kelly, Doss, Bell, Henry, Smith, & Frazier at Rule, Texas; Martha Simmons, Lizz, Kathelen, and Minnie. Page 15: Photos of a friend and Earnest Ruben McElreath. Page 16: Photos of Jonnie, Pete & Joe; Connie, Harold, and Earnest Ruben McElreath. Photos taken in Dallas, June 25, 1925. Page 16: Photos of Mary, Perry Lee, Nina, Earnest Ruben McElreath, Connie, Doodles, and Elizabeth. Page 17: Photos of three ...
Date: [1926-01-01..1926-10-14]
Creator: McElreath, Earnest Ruben

[Postcard from Evol Gilmore to Johnie Louise Bruyere, December 28, 1926]

Description: Postcard from Evol Gilmore to Johnie Louise Bruyere, December 28, 1926. The front bears a drawing of a river and surrounding grass covered in snow. It reads: "I cannot say one thing that's new/So send the same old wish to you. Merry Christmas." The note on the back reads "Wishing you a happy Xmas and a bright New Year. Your friend, Evol Gilmore."
Date: December 28, 1926
Creator: Gilmore, Evol

[Postcard from Loraine Buie to Johnie Louise Bruyere, December 23, 1926]

Description: A postcard from Loraine Buie to Johnie Louise Bruyere on December 23, 1926. The front of the card has a drawing of a holly branch with red berries, a red bow, and a lit red wax candle. It reads: "Christmas Wishes. A Happy Christmas and New Year/A heartfelt wish and most sincere." The note on the other side reads "I hope you will have a very happy Xmas and a happy New Year. Loraine Buie."
Date: December 23, 1926
Creator: Buie, Loraine

[The Sacred Heart Academy Class of 1926]

Description: Photograph of the Sacred Heart Academy of Waco, Texas's class of 1926. The younger girls sit on the ground. Several of the older girls hold flags, and the girls in the middle of the first standing row hold a sign that says "Academy of Sacred Heart." Two girls in the back row hold a sign that says "Our Jubilee". They stand next to the school building, and trees and cars can be seen in the background.
Date: 1926