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[Dr. Alexander Archer Beville's Diary, 1870]

Description: Diary belonging to Dr. Alexander Archer Beville for the year 1870. It has a black leather cover, and the opening flap is embossed with the words "Diary 1870" in gold. A sewing needle has been sewn to the inside of the diary. The first few pages have already been filled in with a calendar, interest table, stamp duties, a table for time differences, the phases of the moon, and a list of important battles. Beville used the diary to record expenses, special events, and dental appointments.
Date: 1870
Creator: Beville, Alexander Archer

[Jessie Elizabeth Willis at the Age of 12]

Description: Photograph of Jessie Elizabeth "Bettie" Willis, at age 12. She is the daughter of Letitia Barnett Hutchison Willis and Dr. Thomas L. Willis. She later married John R. Rabb in Denton County, TX. She stands next to a chair, resting her hand on its arm. She wears a black dress with a white collar. The photograph has been hand colored.
Date: [1873..1874]

[Letter to an Editor of a Newspaper]

Description: Newspaper clipping containing several letters to the editor published in a Waco newspaper, starting with a poem from " Portfolio of a Deceased Confederate Soldier " and commentary providing insight on the soldier's life, family, property, and death. Other letters and articles discuss horse thieves that were shot, the Election Law that had recently been passed on the front, with text on the back describing recent events and anecdotes and bounties, with advertisements.
Date: August 1872