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[The Children of Joe Welch]

Description: Photograph of Lillie, Edgar, and John Welch. Lillie sits in between her brothers on a balustrade in front of a painted backdrop. The boy to the right wears plaid pants and a white shirt, and the boy to the left wears a gown.
Date: [1890..1900]
Creator: E. R. Smith & Bro.

[China Cup]

Description: Photograph of a china cup that belonged to Anthony Garnett Smith, Jr. and his wife Elizabeth M. Smith in the 1840's. The cup was part of their wedding china. The cup was later given to their daughter, Adalade "Addie" Smith Howell of Hill County and McLennan County.
Date: 1848
Creator: Willis, T. Bradford

[Christmas Card to Johnie Louise Bruyere]

Description: A Christmas card addressed to Johnie Louise Bruyere, from a man who signs himself "John R." It has a painting of a small cottage in the woods on the cover, with the word "Greetings" underneath. Inside, it reads "To wish you all happiness for Christmas and the New Year."
Date: December 23, 1933
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[Clara Evans' Wedding Journal]

Description: Journal belonging to Clara Evans detailing her relationship with John T. Willis, Sr., from their first meeting to their wedding. Newspaper announcements, wedding invitations, fabric samples from Clara Evans' bridal trousseau, pressed flowers, and photographs have been pasted into the book, along with descriptions of important events written by Clara Evans. It also contains articles pertaining to the Willises' Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1967.
Date: 1917/1967
Creator: Willis, Nannie Clara Evans
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[Close-Up of the Grave Marker of Mary Allen Smith]

Description: Photograph close-up of the grave marker of Mary "Polly" Allen Smith in the cemetery behind the Anthony Garnett Smith, Sr. house. It reads "In memory of Mary, consort of Rev. Anthony G. Smith. Born Dec. 21st, 1777. Died April 19th, 1857. For fifty years, the skyward road she trod and found at last the Paradise of God. Our mother."
Date: June 23, 1977
Creator: Willis, T. Bradford

[Couple Playing Cards on a Porch]

Description: Photograph of a group of people sitting on the porch of a house. A man and woman sit on the steps playing cards. He holds his in his hands, while hers rest on her lap, as she has food in her hands. In the left background, a woman and a little girl wearing a heavy fur-lined coat, hat, and muff stand. A man wearing a flat cap sits on the porch behind the couple playing cards.
Date: 1913

[Cover of the Parker Family Bible]

Description: Photograph of the cover of a leather-bound Holy Bible belonging to the Robert Henry Parker family. The initials R.H. and S.A. Parker are engraved underneath the title, which is set in a decorative typeface. An intricately engraved border surrounds the title.
Date: unknown
Creator: Willis, T. Bradford

[The Crow Family]

Description: Photograph of the Crow Family. The two standing are Frederick and Mary Crow. He wears a suit and tie, and she wears a blouse and pearls. The young woman sitting down is Mrs. Jack Crow, and her baby is Oscar Crow. The old man sitting next to her is Mr. Davidson, who wears a three-piece suit. The baby wears a white gown.
Date: 1900~
Creator: Gildersleeve

[The Crow Family]

Description: Photograph of the Crow family. They are all men, except for the woman who stands in the middle of the second row. Floyd Arnold "Jim" Crow sits second from the right in the first row, with an X under him.
Date: 1900~
Creator: Heilmann

[Dance Card]

Description: Small booklet with a drawing of a cracked bell on the front. When opened, it reveals a place to put a table number as well as a couple number. On the opposite page, there are eight blank spaces to write in the name of dance partners. A small string is attached to the upper left hand corner of the booklet, so that it can be worn on the wrist.
Date: 1930~