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[An Address Delivered by Miss Ett Shanklin on Presentation of a Flag to the Company of Capt. H. M. Bouldin, 1862]
Flag presentation address by Miss Ett Shanklin to the company of Captain H. M. Bouldin. The address was to honor the service of the company and emphasized their youth and bravery.
[The Confederate States Receipt for Time of Service for James L. Cunningham, July, 1862]
The Confederate States of America receipt for time of service for James L. Cunningham. Cunningham served as a lieutenant from May 13 to July 18, 1862. The receipt included the payment he received for his service, his regiment, and a signed statement from Cunningham that verified the information was correct.
[Invoice from S. B. Brush for Captain H. M. Bouldin, July 1863]
Invoice from S. B. Brush for Captain H. M. Bouldin. The invoice listed what purchases Bouldin made including muslin, packs of pins, boxes of caps, and buttons. The purchase was made from a store that dealt in tin ware, stoves, pumps, house furnishing goods, etc.