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[Bellville Town Meeting Minutes, January 18, 1858]

Description: Minutes of the Bellville, Texas Town Meeting on January 18, 1858, which was called in memory of the recently deceased Thomas Bell, "the father of Bellville," who arrived in Texas in 1822 and settled in Austin's Colony and served under Ben Milam during the Texas Revolution.
Date: January 18, 1858
Creator: Fular, A. W.
Item Type: Text

[Invoice from S. B. Brush for Captain H. M. Bouldin, July 1863]

Description: Invoice from S. B. Brush for Captain H. M. Bouldin. The invoice listed what purchases Bouldin made including muslin, packs of pins, boxes of caps, and buttons. The purchase was made from a store that dealt in tin ware, stoves, pumps, house furnishing goods, etc.
Date: July 1863
Creator: Brush, S. B.
Item Type: Text

Minutes of the Eighteenth Annual Session of the Baptist State Convention of Texas, 1865

Description: Minutes of the annual session of the Baptist State Convention in Texas include accounts of proceedings at the session; reports from the secretaries, committees, trustees, and board of directors as well as reports on Baptist churches and education in Texas; and the Constitution of the Baptist State Convention, of Texas.
Date: 1866
Creator: Baptist State Convention of Texas

[Letter from George Cuffle to George W. Wade, June 23, 1867]

Description: Letter to George W. Wade from George Cuffle regarding a bill for medical treatment for the family. On the first page, Mr. Cuffle states that he is glad to hear that Mr. Wade and family are well and that the bill is enclosed. The bill, written inside, is for $45.00.
Date: June 23, 1867
Creator: Cuffle, George
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Elvira Spurgin to Bettie Wade, January 28, 1868]

Description: Letter from Elvira Spurgin to Bettie Wade discussing recent news of family and friends. She mentions that the weather has been very cold in Belton, and she has some new boarders. Someone named Loraine had typhoid fever.
Date: January 28, 1868
Creator: Spurgin, Elvira
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from H. M. Bouldin to George W. and Bettie Wade, February 15, 1868]

Description: Letter from H. M. Bouldin to George W. and Bettie Wade discussing recent news. He says that he wishes he could see them, but he doesn't know when that will be possible. There is a note written at the top of the first page in pencil that says "to George W. Wade of Bastrop."
Date: February 15, 1868
Creator: Bouldin, H. M.
Item Type: Letter