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Bowser and Blewett Family Trip to Oklahoma
Copy photograph of a group of people identified as the Bowser family and Blewett family. They are posing in a camp with two covered wagons and a tent. Children are standing outside of the tent. The families camped while going to Oklahoma in 1897. Maimie Bowser kept a diary of the trip.
C. H. Blewett Home
Copy photograph of one man, woman, boy, and two girls standing outside of the C. H. Blewett House. They are identified as Chapman H. Blewett (1856-), Mattie Skiles Blewett (1855-), John Blewett (1881-), Laura Blewett (1887-), and Jessie Blewett (1896-). Text above the image says "C. H. Blewett home at Richardson, Texas about 1898." Text below the image labels each person.
H. W. and Ida Greer Residence
Photograph of an exterior view of the Greer family home on Interurban Street in Richardson, Texas. The wooden house has a covered porch in the front with two doors. There are two trees in the yard. A woman, girl, and man are standing outside the picket fence; they are identified as Ida Huffhines Greer, Ruth Greer, and Henry W. Greer.
Portrait of Greer Family
Photograph of a portrait of the Greer family. They are identified as Ida Lee Huffhines Greer, Velma Jewel Greer (Brandenburg), Ruth M. Greer, and Henry Wise Greer.
Portrait of Stutlz Family
Photograph of a portrait of a group of men, women, and children identified as the Stultz family. Seven people are standing in the back row, and five people are sitting in a front row.
Portrait of Velma and Ruth Greer
Photograph of two girls playing with various toys. The girls are identified as Velma Jewel Greer (Brandenburg) and Ruth M. Greer. Both girls are holding dolls, and are surrounded by other toys.
[Stultz Family Portrait]
Photograph of the Stultz family. In the front, two women are posed on either side of a man and a young boy and the four of them appear to be seated on wicker furniture; a second man is leaning on one arm of the seat. In the back row, seven men of various ages are standing in a rough semi-circle. All of the men are wearing suits with vests and ties. The woman seated on the right side is wearing a light-colored blouse and dark skirt; the woman on the left (identified as "Grandma Stultz") is older and wearing a dark dress and jewelry. A generic backdrop is set up behind them.