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1919 Girls' Basketball Team

Description: Photograph of a group of eight young women identified as the 1919 girls' basketball team. They are posing in a car on the corner of Main Street and McKinney Street in Richardson, Texas. Five of the women are sitting in the car, and three are standing on the sides of the car.
Date: 1919~

1919 Richardson High School Football Team

Description: Photograph of twelve students and one coach identified as the Richardson High School football team. Coach W. H. Galloway is standing in between four boys on the back row, and eight boys are sitting in the front row. One boy in the center is holding a football with "R. H. S." written on it. Text below the image says "1919 Richardson High School Football Team." The boys are identified on the back of the image.
Date: 1919
Creator: Smith, Morris J.

Children of John and Elizabeth (Lezze) Campbell, Richardson, Texas

Description: 5 children - studio portrait. Rita Mae, holding Jack. Ima, standing. Robert seated, wearing suit. Mary, seated in front. Written on back: on back of picture: John & Lezze Campbell Family ca 1910. Rita holding Jack (McGuire) deceased. Ima (standing) (Forman. Robert deceased. Mary C. (Harrison). Jack deceased. Roma - the baby not yet born when (Smithwick) picture was made (deceased).]
Date: 1910~

Grissom sons, Jack, Murray & Park, Plano, Texas

Description: Studio portrait of three boys, from mid-chest. Left: youngest, wearing light-colored wide-collared, buttoned shirt or romper. Center: middle in age, wearing white, long-sleeved shirt with medium stripes and dark neck-tie. Left: oldest, wearing light-colored shirt, perhaps with woven textured stripes, and dark neck-tie. Additional information: Sons of William Lee GRISSON (27 Oct 1879 AL - 29 Jan 1949 TX) and Mollie Sandifer GRISSOM (11 Jan 1882 TX - 16 Jun 1972 TX) from left to right: Jack Kendal GRISSOM (7 Jul 1911 Plano TX - 27 May 1981 Garland TX) Murray Amos GRISSOM (19 Oct 1908 Plano TX - 4 Jan 1971 Dallas TX) Park Lee GRISSOM (16 Oct 1906 Plano TX - 25 Feb 1982 Allen TX) source: "The Family of Park L. Grissom" by Mozelle Grissom, 1981 [unpublished document]
Date: 1916

Harben's Drug Store, Richardson, Texas

Description: Interior view of Harben's Drug Store. Four men are visible, the one on the far right is Sam Harben. Ads for various patent medicines including Mentholatum and Cardui are legible. Floor and ceiling are finished wood. There is a counter partly visible with four metal stools. Six glass display cases and two electric ceiling fans are visible. Noted on back of photo - Sam Harben on right, early 1900s. Additional information: Cardui was a patent medicine used to reduce menstrual problems. It was 19% alcohol and included Blessed Thistle, Black Haw and Golden Seal.
Date: 1912

Harris, Thomas Newton, Family, Richardson, Texas

Description: Informal family group photograph, standing and seated on a side porch of a house. The porch extends around the corner of the building to the right. Visible on the right are fences and another building. Standing on the porch are three women, the first only partially visible, with a girl standing in front, one man in a three-piece suit, one young woman, a woman in profile, and two elderly women (7 women, one girl, one man). Seated in front, on the edge of the porch, is a moustached man in a suit and dark hat, and a younger man in military uniform with hat and leg gaiters. Additional information: Left to right, standing: possibly Evelyn HARRIS (hidden) Mattie E Strait HARRIS (1874-25 Sep 1971) Noma HARRIS [in front of mother Mattie] (15 Feb 1910 - 20 Jan 1987) married Leonard Allen HUFFHINES (8 Oct 1911 - 16 Sep 1988) Grace FOX Robert K. (Bob) HARRIS possibly Evelyn HARRIS Katherine Paulina L. HARRIS (1849-1928) widow of Samuel P. Harris (1831-1914) Emma Dooley Seated: Thomas Newton HARRIS (31 Oct 1870 - 27 Jun 1952) Joe HARRIS [?P. G. Harris?]
Date: 1917/1918

Huguley Gin, Richardson, Texas

Description: Huguley cotton gin, wood frame building. 9 men standing, 1 man seated in 1-horse buggy - in front of building. Abe (Abraham) M. Cain (wearing apron), 4th from left. 2 barrels, 1 saw-horse, construction materials visible. Additional information: Abe (Abraham) M. Cain, son of William Daniel & Fannie Cain, was an early alderman, went to work at age 13; did carpentry, built many buildings including the red [brick] school [administration] building. "Huguley" sometimes spelled Hugley.
Date: 1910/1915

Jesse Harben family, Richardson, Texas

Description: 5 people. Two women, one man standing in front of a stone wall structure. Two children, a boy wearing a white hat, and a girl, are seated in front of the man. The wall/structure appears to be made of large blocks of sandstone or limestone, cemented. Neither the side edges nor the top edge of the structure is visible. The location is possibly Kirkland Park. Written on back: LR- Jessie Blewett Harben Eula Huffhines Harben Jesse Harben [14 Dec 1888 - Oct 1973] Carson Harben Lucille Huffhines (?)
Date: 1910~

Main Street, 1912

Description: Photograph of seven cars parked in a line on Main Street in Richardson, Texas. Some cars have people sitting in them, and some have American flags attached. In the background, there are several buildings.
Date: 1912

Main Street, Richardson, Texas

Description: View down an unpaved street, wheel tracks visible, with buildings visible on both sides. On the left is a 3 or 4 store row of false fronted buildings with awnings in front. Behind them is a single building with the gabled ends perpendicular to the street. A railroad crossing sign is visible. On the horizon is a large barn. Both sides of the street have electrical/utility poles. On the right is a row of buildings/stores with awnings, some with false fronts. It looks as if there is a cross street just in front of the blocks of buildings, with another at the railroad crossing sign. View is to the west, of Main Street, Richardson, which is continuous with (and connects) East & West Belt Line Rds.
Date: 1910

Portrait of Bill Stratton

Description: Photograph of a man standing, identified as Bill Stratton. He is wearing a World War I uniform and hat, and is holding a rifle with both hands. In the background, there is a wooden house. William (Bill) Stratton lived from March 24, 1900 to March 1971.
Date: 1914/1918

Portrait of Bill Stratton and Neely Huffhines

Description: Photograph of two men standing, identified as Bill Stratton and Neely Huffhines. The men are both wearing World War I military uniforms and hats. They are standing on the porch of Huffhines' wooden house on Plano Road before it burned. William (Bill) Statler Stratton lived from March 24, 1900 to March 1971. Davis Neely Huffhines lived from December 28, 1895 to April 1987.
Date: 1914/1918

Portrait of Bill Stratton and Neely Huffhines

Description: Photograph of two men, identified as Bill Stratton and Neely Huffhines, standing and saluting one another. The men are both wearing World War I uniforms and hats. In the background, there is a house with a covered porch. William (Bill) Statler Stratton lived from March 24, 1900 to March 1971. Davis Neely Huffhines lived from December 28, 1895 to April 1987.
Date: 1914/1918

Portrait of Bill Stratton, Mary Huffhines, and Neely Huffhines

Description: Photograph of two men and one woman, identified as Bill Stratton, Mary (Lawler) Huffhines, and Neely Huffhines; Mary Huffhines is the mother of Neely Huffhines. The two men are wearing World War I military uniforms and hats, and the woman is wearing a light-colored blouse and dark-colored skirt. The three people are standing outside of the Huffhines' home, a two-story house with a covered porch, before it burned.
Date: 1914/1918

Portrait of Curley Lawler 1919

Description: Photograph of a portrait of Ethel "Curley" Pierce. She is wearing a hat and pants suit. She is standing in front of a wooden building with lattice board. Pierce is the daughter of Martha Hanks Pierce; she was born on February 1, 1894, and died October 27, 1978.
Date: 1919

Portrait of Jess Harben and Clifford Watson

Description: Postcard of two men wearing bathing suits; on man is sitting on a log, and the other is standing to his right. They are identified as Jesse Monroe (Jess) Harben and Clifford Watson. In the background, there is a painted beach scene. Text to the right of the image says "Jess Harben[,] Clifford Watson." Jesse Monroe (Jess) Harben lived from December 14, 1888 to October 5, 1973. Clifford Watson live from June 30, 1887 to December 1972.
Date: 1915~

Portrait of Ruth Greer

Description: Photograph of a bust-length portrait of a woman identified as Ruth M. Greer; she is in left profile-facing. Her hair is up and she is wearing an off-the-shoulder garment. She was born on November 9, 1893, and died March 18, 1976.
Date: 1915/1929

Portrait of Velma Greer

Description: Photograph of a bust-length portrait of a woman identified as Velma Jewel Greer. She is wearing pearl earrings and a necklace. She was born in Richardson, Texas, on September 13, 1898, and died in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on May 7, 1997.
Date: 1915/1929~
Creator: Browne & Browne, Studio Deluxe

R. P. Harben and Son Drug Store, Richardson, Texas

Description: Four men standing in store interior. Left to right: Jess Harben behind counter (partially obscured), Mr. Hennessee, Mr. Farrell (being served by Mr. Harben), Kenneth Stratton. Display shelves and counters on right, rear, and left. Soda-fountain type chairs, tables, and stools in center. Large sign for TANLAC attached to rear display case. Written on back: Harben's Drug - 1912 Jess Harben, Mr. Fred Farrell, Mr Hennessee & Keith Stratton Additional information: Tanlac Tonic - with alcohol, gentian, buckthorn, rhubarb, licorice, glycerin, wild cherry - US prohibition era "system purifier", was popular due to its 15% alcohol content
Date: 1912