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Greenville Avenue, Elevated View 1927, Richardson, Texas

Description: Elevated view of Greenville Avenue, looking south, probably from Main Street. In the foreground, on the right, is the First United Presbyterian Church (originally the Trinity Congregation), with Polk St. behind it. The building was completed in 1910. On the left is the First United Methodist Church, which was built in 1898. One car is on Greenville Ave. A sidewalk runs along the right/west, side of Greenville Ave. In the background is Philips Street, with the Mount Calvary Baptist Church on the SE corner of the intersection, completed in 1886. The Richardson School building, opened in 1914, is on the SW corner. Greenville Avenue curves to the left/east at Philips. Numerous residences are also shown, as are utility poles.
Date: May 5, 1927

Grissom Family Men, Richardson, Texas

Description: Four men standing outdoors. All are wearing dark trousers and white, long-sleeved shirts. From left to right, the first man wears glasses and a bow-tie, has a moustache, and is wearing sleeve garters. The other three wear long neck-ties. Pocket-watch chains are visible on the 3rd and 4th men. Behind them is an arbor or trellis with brushy growth on the top and on the right side. Additional information: The photograph is from the Grissom family collection, but no identification is available.
Date: 1925/1935

Harben - Spotts Company, Harben's Drug Store and Richardson Telephone Company Annual Picnic

Description: Photograph of a group portrait at the Harben-Spott's Company annual picnic at Kidd Springs. The picnic involved Harben's Drug Store and Richardson Telephone Company. The men, women, and children are identified as (seated on ground, first row) Earle Harben, Ray Chap Harben, Marjorie Mae Meyer, Lewis, (second row) Mrs. M. M. Meyer, Miss Florence Ingle, Mrs. Walter Williams, Miss Ethel Christopherson, Mrs. P. E. Riley, Miss Stella Moody, Mrs. Sam P. Harben, Mrs. Doyal Taylor, Mrs. Sherwood Spotts, Miss Alma Ballard, Miss Viola Anderton, Mrs. A. O. Very, Mrs. Chester Bethel, (third row) Sam P. Harben, Dr. P. E. Riley, Jess Harben, A. O. Very, Chester Bethel, Mrs. Walter Park, Mrs. R. P. Harben, Mrs. Jess Harben, Walter Park, Sherwood Spotts, (fourth row) Doyal Taylor, Walter Williams, J. D. McNeil, Carson Harben, Lester Meyer, and M. M. Meyer.
Date: July 1, 1926
Creator: McAnally, C. C.

Main Street, Elevated View, Richardson, Texas

Description: Elevated view of Main Street (Belt Line) from a water tower, looking southwest. The main commercial block has brick and wooden buildings, most with awnings, many with false fronts. Four cross streets are visible; Main Street curves off just at the right edge of the photograph. The railroad, with crossings signs, is in the horizontal center of the picture. Also visible are residences, a long storage/warehouse railroad structure to the left of Main Street and the Train Station to the right of Main Street. Automobiles are parked on the commercial block and are visible on Main Street. Plowed/cultivated fields and a few buildings are visible on the horizon.
Date: 1927

McKamy Springs, Richardson, Texas

Description: Natural spring, with a stone and concrete structure built around and over it. A half-dome stone-trimmed 'grotto' covers the spring. A man-made canal channels the visible water. A plaque is set into a stone/cement low monument inside the canal. It reads: "The Yoiuane tribe of the Caddo group of Indians lived here as early as 1690 to 1840. They hunted buffalo and deer on the prairie. They used McKamy Spring as a watering place. It was from these friendly Tejas Indians that Texas got her name." The spring is located within a 2 acre park, called McKamy Spring Park, in south-east Richardson. Native people last known to have camped at the spring were of a Caddoan-speaking tribe. The Bowser family once owned the property, and then T. F. McKamy (1925-1927). Part of the old stagecoach route extending from Breckenridge ran near this site as well.
Date: 1920/1930

Portrait of Noma Harris

Description: Photograph of a woman wearing a graduation dress and hat; she is identified as Noma Harris. She is standing in front of a bush and amongst trees. Harris was born February 13, 1910, and died January 1987.
Date: 1929

Richardson High School Footbal Team

Description: Photograph of fourteen young men identified as the Richardson High School Football Team. They are all dressed in football uniforms, and one boy standing is wearing a shirt with striped sleeves. On boy kneeling in the center has his right hand on a football. In the background, there are houses. Legible text on the top-left of the image says "Texas."
Date: 1920/1935

Richardson School 1928

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of Richardson School. The brick building is two-stories tall. Several cars are parked to the left of the building. A wooden fence surrounds the property. A sign on the fence says "No Trespassing on School Grounds." Text below the image says "Richardson School 1928."
Date: 1928

Richardson School Class of 1920

Description: Copy photograph of 41 students and teachers from Richardson School Class of 1920. They are standing in five rows in front of a brick building. They are identified as (left to right, back row) Graham Pierce, Miss Beulah Brown (teacher), Mamie Floyd, Sam Jinks, W. T. Galloway (principal), Mary Campbell, Irene Cain, Walter Fender, Asia Whittenburg, Iva Rippy, (third row) Lillie Terry, Ola Christie, Glenn Huffhines, Clarence Reddick, Ollie Ballard, Amer/Omar Whittenburg, Odie Offutt, Amy Chick, Florence Jackson, (second row) Mary Price, Rosa Lee Christie, Liska Arnold, Mary Ashby, Dorothy Scott, Carrie Lee Ashby, Martin Parks, Willie McIlvan, Norma Watson, (first row) Frank Bowser, Effie McGee, Thelma Robinson, Wilburn Rose, E. L. Certain, Faye Robinson, Bess Ashby, Jack Rowland, Ray Smith, and Cecil Davis.
Date: 1920~