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First Christian Church, Richardson, Texas

Description: Wooden frame church, white clapboard siding. The middle section of the front (gable end) entends forward to form an entrance and upward to form a [bell?] tower. The double entrance door is covered with a decorative braced awning with a closed dormer. A sign over the door reads "First Christian Church." The roof is shingled, maybe wooden. A signpost is at the right edge of the picture, with the name of the church and the pastor's name. To the left of the main building is a lower building/annex with multiple doors and a side porch supported by posts. Trees are to the right and left of the mail building. Both buildings are surrounded by shrubs or low plants. The area is front of the building is paved. This photograph was probably taken at the location at Greenville Ave. and Polk St., Richardson, Texas. The church relocated to 601 E Main in April, 1958.
Date: 1940/1958

Portrait of Billye Meyer with Family

Description: Copy photograph of a woman, a man, and two children; the woman and man are identified as Billye (Leatherwood) Meyer and Lester Meyer. The man is holding the youngest child, James Lester Meyer, and the girl, Lady Ellen Meyer Germond, is standing in front of the woman. They are all standing in front of a two-story wooden farmhouse identified as Miss Belle's (Belle Robberson) Place. Built around 1887, it one of the oldest houses in Richardson, Texas.
Date: 1946~

Portrait of Jackie and Neely Huffhines

Description: Christmas card with photograph of a woman and man identified as Jackie and Neely Huffhines. They are kneeling to the right of a Christmas tree, and are holding a gift. Several gifts are surrounding the tree. Text to the right of the image says "Joyous Yuletide," with an illustration of a church steeple and trees below it. Below the illustration, text says "Jackie and Neely Huffhines."
Date: 1945/1960

Richardson School Stadium Construction

Description: Photograph of a group of several men constructing Richardson School stadium. One man on the right is holding a shovel. A group of men towards the center are gathered around the back of a truck. Three men are standing around long, metal pipes; two men are bent over, and one man is standing. In the background, there is a brick building.
Date: 1949