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Arapaho Road at North Central Expressway 1988, Richardson, Texas

Description: Elevated view of the intersection of Arapaho Road and North Central Expressway, looking north. The elevated portion of the expressway is not paved; it only has support beams. Motor vehicles are stopped at the intersection. On the SE corner of the intersection is an Exxon gas station, behind is a sign and car lot for OK Used Cars; then the Texas Industries Concrete facility. On the horizon are the railroad and Greenville Avenue intersections with Arapaho Road. On the NE corner is the Super Motor Co., then the Decorator's Drapery Workroom. On the horizon, at the left side of the photograph, is the Ramada Renaissance Hotel (now the Richardson Hotel), built in 1986.
Date: 1988

Greenville Avenue, Elevated View 1988, Richardson, Texas

Description: Elevated view, looking south, of Greenville Avenue starting from the Main Street intersection. On the near left/east is the Exterior Rolling Shutter Co. building, with an "L" shaped retail building behind, facing south and west. The spires of the First Baptist Church at Philips and Greenville are visible. On the right/west side of the street is the Din Hao Market, P&R Auto Supply, houses and trees. In the back, on the right, is the RISD Administration building and the large bus barn. On the horizon, from left to right, are the Abrams Centre building, built in 1982, downtown Dallas, and buildings along Central Expressway.
Date: 1988

Main Street (Belt Line Rd) and Central Expressway (US Hwy 75) Intersection, 1988, Richardson, Texas

Description: Intersection of multi-lane, partially divided street with expressway access road. Motor vehicles are shown parked in a parking lot with angled parking. To the right/east is a strip of retail businesses. On the left/west is the northbound access road to an elevated portion of North Central Expressway. West Main Street extends under the Expressway. On the center horizon is a multi-story building (FirstCity Bank) with horizontal rows of windows. Right/east of that building the top of a water tower is just visible above trees. Three flags on poles are on the north side of West Main, at the edge of the bank parking lot. Motor vehicles are visible on all streets. Signs on buildings: FirstCity Bank, Barton & Howell Dry Cleaners, The Shoemaker Shoe Service, Ali's Master[?] Alterations, Custom Cloth[?]. Signs on poles: Pizza Villa, Central Center / Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Cleaning. Also: Street lights on poles, traffic signs and signals. Additional Information: Shown is the 300 block of West Main St. (which is Belt Line Rd east and west of the downtown area).
Date: 1988

Polk Street, 1988, Richardson, Texas

Description: Polk Street, looking east, slightly elevated, from the northbound access road of North Central Expressway. Polk Street is four lanes, with curbs and sidewalks. On either side are retail buildings: Business signs on the left: Auto Insurance 644-000; Ray Vernon Optician; Lee's Catfish. Two cars are moving east on Polk at Sherman Street. On the left horizon is the Southwestern Bell Telephone building. One bicycle rider is in the center of the street, moving east.
Date: 1988~

Richardson Medical Center, B. B. Owen Memorial Hospital, Richardson, Texas

Description: White brick masonry multi-story, multi-level building. The tallest, center portion has a sign at the top, RICHARDSON MEDICAL CENTER B. B. OWEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL. This center portion is flanked on both sides by the main portion of the building, which is shorter and has vertical columns of windows. In the front of the picture is the lowest portion of the building, with ground-level windows and one inset doorway. The doorway and windows are partially hidden by curving lines of low shrubs in the picture foreground. Portions of equipment, perhaps ventilation, are visible on roof areas. Additional information: Dallas Morning News, Dec. 18, 1975 "A 5-story hospital, scheduled for completion in August, 1977, will be built at 401 W. Campbell Rd. ... The building contract was given to J. A. Jones Construction Co." The hospital was dedicated Saturday, May 27, 1977. It was named in memory of Dallas businessman B. B. Owen. The hospital opened for business Tuesday, May 30, 1977. Bennie Bryan Owen was born on September 11, 1897, in Cisco, Eastland County. As a young man, he moved to Dallas County where he was principally involved with investments and investment loans. He was also involved in agriculture as he owned land in Dallas County. In the late 1960s, Owen moved to Collin County where he made his residence until his death on April 24, 1972.
Date: 1975/1977

Floyd Inn location, Richardson, Texas

Description: Large open field. In the foreground is a grouping of seven trees, with some shrubs or saplings, all growing in grass/weeds. Only the center tree, the one closest to the foreground, is leafed. Behind is a large open space, with cultivated areas visible on the horizon. On the left of the horizon is a large building, with a taller domed portion, part of Restland Cemetery. The note on the back states that the tree was planted in 1856. The Floyd Inn served as a stop for the stage from Dallas to Denton.
Date: 1973~

Arapaho Road at West Branch, Cottonwood Creek, Richardson, Texas

Description: Grade-level, iron trestle bridge over West Branch of Cottonwood Creek on Arapaho Road. The ends of the bridge spans have horizontal wooden boards attached. Arapaho Road appears to be hard gravel. In the background is the intersection with Martin Rd. (now West Shore Dr.), which extends right/north. The creek area is filled with trees. One utility pole is at the NW corner of the intersection. Beyond, to the horizon, appears to be a flat field.
Date: unknown

Main Street, with wagons, Richardson, Texas

Description: View down an unpaved street, with buildings visible on both sides. On the left is a partially visible building, buildings and cranes in the background, and a one-horse cart or buggy. On the right are electrical poles, a pitched roofed building, a row of three storefronts, the near two with false fronts. In front of the storefronts are 2 large wagons, with the wheels of a third barely visible. The wagons are facing away and appear to be filled with crops, silage, corn or hay. The wagons are hitched to pairs of mules or horses. View is to the west, of Main Street, Richardson, which is continuous with (and connects) East & West Belt Line Road.
Date: unknown

Polk Street and Central Street, Richardson, Texas

Description: Polk Street, looking east. This photograph is a close-up view of the center of photograph RPL007d. The North Texas Lumber Company building on the right/south is between Central Street and the Houston & Texas Central Railroad. On the rails is a Southern Pacific boxcar. In front of the rail car is a long flatbed truck partially loaded with cargo.
Date: unknown

Bowser Road Alley, Richardson, Texas

Description: One lane, paved alley with curve/intersection in foreground. Left of the alley is a raised railroad. Next to left edge of the alley are utility poles and lines. Storm drain access from the alley is at the foreground. Right of the alley is a continuous wooden fence, with roofs and trees behind the fencing. Two trash/garbage pick-up areas are visible, with raised platforms and metal trash cans. Additional information. Written on back: Looking north from the alley which serves Bowser showing fencing of residential properties Nov. 25, 1968
Date: November 25, 1968

Frances Way, east from Lois Lane, 1968, Richardson, Texas

Description: Frances Way, 500 block, looking east from the intersection with Lois Lane. The street is paved, with curbs and sidewalks. Houses are on both sides of the street, those on the right/south are partially visible. Most houses have front driveways. Three cars are parked on the street, and 2 cars are in driveways. There are trees, utility poles, and lines. A fire hydrant is on the NE corner of the intersection.
Date: November 25, 1968

Grove Road, 1968, Richardson, Texas

Description: Grove Road, looking north, from the "T" intersection with Summit Drive, which terminates at Grove Road. On the horizon, left to center, is Frances Way. The elevated railroad, center to right, intersects Frances Way, and further north, Belt Line Rd., with underpasses. On the extreme right, a water tower is partially shown. The majority of the photograph is a large, mowed, field, extending north to Frances Way, and east/west, from Grove Road to the railroad. Homes and utility poles are on the left/west side of Grove Road. One truck and one car are on Grove; one car is parked on the right/east side of Grove; an eastbound car is on Frances Way, just east of the intersection.
Date: November 25, 1968

Lois Lane, north from Spring Valley, 1968, Richardson, Texas

Description: Lois Lane, 400 block, north from the intersection with Spring Valley Road. The street is paved with curbs and sidewalks. One car is parked on the street; one covered boat is in front of a house on the left/west. The homes variously have front driveways, or circular driveways, or possibly rear driveways. The southern half of the block does not have utility poles on the street.
Date: November 25, 1968

Pacific Circle, Richardson, Texas

Description: Cul-de-sac paved and curbed street (Pacific Circle), intersecting with paved and divided four-lane street (300 block, North Bowser Road). The street sign reads Bowser Rd and Pacific Cir [sign is incorrectly oriented]. Two houses, with front driveways, are visible; one car, a Volkswagen Beetle; 3 medium trees, various shrubs, utility poles and lines. The houses have chainlink fencing to their sides. Along the horizon, behind the houses, is the elevated railroad. Additional information. Written on back: Looking west into Pacific Circle. Note that street marker has been turned. Nov. 25, 1968
Date: November 25, 1968

Palm Circle, Richardson, Texas

Description: U-shaped paved and curbed street, intersecting a divided, four-lane, street (200 block, North Bowser Road). The u-shaped street (Palm Circle) has an island with low planting. Two houses, with front driveways and light-colored roofs, are on the street. Two cars are parked. A street sign shows Boswer Rd and Palm Cir. The houses are landscaped with small trees and shrubbery. Additional information: Written on back: Looking west into Palm Cir. showing railroad in the background Nov. 25, 1968
Date: November 25, 1968

Pittman Street and Grove Road, 1968, Richardson, Texas

Description: Intersection of Pittman Street and Grove Road, looking northeast. Taken from Pittman Street, the photograph shows the NW corner of the "T" intersection (Pittman Street terminates). At the corner is the street sign, a fire hydrant, and a support cable for a utility pole. That corner of the intersection has concrete curbs and sidewalks. To the east of Grove Road is a large, cut/mowed. field. One small clump of trees is on the left, and a small area of un-cut grass/crop is on the right. The elevated railroad is on the horizon. Just visible above the hydrant is the railroad underpass on Frances Way. Low, long, light-colored roofs are behind the left portion of the railroad. Just left/north of the underpass, behind the railroad, is a water tower.
Date: November 25, 1968

Grove Road, Richardson, Texas

Description: Looking west, a plowed, bare field, with a street, Frances Way, and utility poles on the far right. At the horizon is a street, Grove Road, with homes on the west side, facing east. Homes on the west side of Grove were built ca 1954. Homes on the east side were not built until ca 1973.
Date: 1968~

Maple Street at Abrams Road, Richardson, Texas

Description: Intersection of two paved streets. A street sign at the left side of the photo reads "Abrams Rd" "and "Maple St." Houses on the left side of Maple St [center of the photograph] have light-colored roofs and front driveways. Most yards have small trees. There are no sidewalks. Two cars are on the street, and other cars are visible near the horizon, in driveways. Additional information: This is the 400 block of Maple Street, looking east from Abrams Rd. Maple terminates on the east at Grace Dr. Many of the houses were built in 1953.
Date: August 1959

Maple Street at Abrams Road, Richardson, Texas

Description: Unpaved, uncurbed, street, intersecting with a paved street. The unpaved street has wood-clad houses on both sides. Those on the left side are more visible. Just the roof of one house is visible on the right. Some, but not all, homes have front sidewalks. There are utility poles and lines on both sides of the street. At the intersection, in the foreground of the picture, a street sign is on the left, and a fire hydrant is on the right. Most houses have shrubbery and trees, with more mature trees in the background and horizon. A delivery van/truck is just visible at the back end of the street, and the back of one car is on the right edge, in a driveway. Additional information: This is the 300 block of Maple Street, looking east from Abrams Road, toward Greenville Ave. The houses were built in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
Date: August 1959