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Richardson Public Library - Time Capsule

Description: Photograph of a time capsule lowered into the ground at a centennial celebration for Richardson, Texas. A group of children, women, and men are gathered around the capsule. A piece of construction machinery is lowering it. In the background, there is a building identified as Richardson Public Library.
Date: June 1973

Richardson, Texas Area Map

Description: Map of Richardson, Texas and the surrounding areas. Streets are marked as well as schools of all levels, several government buildings, and selected businesses. An alphabetical list of street names is on the reverse, along with advertisements from Richardson-area businesses.
Date: 1971

Thomas, Routh Bible, Births page

Description: Photograph of Births page [unnumbered] from the Thomas/Routh family Bible. Text: FAMILY RECORD. BIRTHS James Thomas was Born May 11th 1822 E. A. Gray " " April 27th 1825 John T Thomas " " May 29 1842 Sarah E. Thomas " " January 11th 1844 E. J. Routh " " June 21st 1828 Oliver Thomas " " May 25th 1855 Mary T. Thomas " " August 25th 1856 Clara E. Thomas " " March 21st 1858 Martha Thomas " " November 23rd 1859 Jeff D. Thomas " " March 27th 1861 William O. Thomas " " October 9th 1865 James C. Thomas " " October 20th 1870
Date: 1971
Creator: Braithwaite, Philip