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Texas Street, Richardson, Texas

Description: Street block of four commercial buildings, all have front awnings and wooden walkways/sidewalks. The 2 buildings on the right are false front. The left most building has the gable end facing the unpaved street. Left to right: pony, possibly tethered to an awning support pole; three men in front of the left-most door; three men standing outside the next business; two children at the edge of the walk; one man standing under the awning of the Drug Store; one man standing in front of the right-most door. This printing is a copy of a photograph that at some time earlier had been edited with the addition of ink/pencil lines to darken the architectural outlines of the buildings.
Date: 1880/1905
Item Type: Photograph

Thomas, Routh Bible, Births page

Description: Photograph of Births page [unnumbered] from the Thomas/Routh family Bible. Text: FAMILY RECORD. BIRTHS James Thomas was Born May 11th 1822 E. A. Gray " " April 27th 1825 John T Thomas " " May 29 1842 Sarah E. Thomas " " January 11th 1844 E. J. Routh " " June 21st 1828 Oliver Thomas " " May 25th 1855 Mary T. Thomas " " August 25th 1856 Clara E. Thomas " " March 21st 1858 Martha Thomas " " November 23rd 1859 Jeff D. Thomas " " March 27th 1861 William O. Thomas " " October 9th 1865 James C. Thomas " " October 20th 1870
Date: 1971
Creator: Braithwaite, Philip
Item Type: Photograph

University of Texas at Dallas

Description: Photograph of an aerial-view of the Phase II expansion of University of Texas at Dallas. There are three large buildings with parking lots and roads surrounding them. In the bottom-left of the photograph, there is a construction site.
Date: 1972~
Item Type: Photograph

Wallis Family Residence

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of the Wallis family residence on Beltline Road. The wooden house is two-stories tall, with an awning extending the width of the house. There are trees and bushes in the foreground.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

White Family Residence

Description: Copy photograph of the White family home, located on Spring Valley near Waterview. The house is two-stories tall with a covered porch. There are four women and two men posing in front of the house; two of the women are on horses. They are identified as Naomi Watson Blewett, Millard Griffin, Mrs. Martha White, Laurence White, Fannie White Huffhines, and Mairfair Griffin McFarland (kneeling).
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

William (Bill) Keffler

Description: Photograph of a portrait of William (Bill) Keffler, the city manager of Richardson, Texas. He is wearing a striped tie and suit jacket; he has a mustache. He has been serving as city manager since 1995.
Date: 1996~
Item Type: Photograph