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Mariachi group
A twelve piece mariachi group poses in their outfits while holding their instruments. The first row that is kneeling is all young boys, three with guitars and two with violins. The second row is two trumpet players, two guitarists and a violinist. Autograph on photo: "With better wishes, souvenir of Boy's Town. Rev. Carlos Alvarez"
[Photograph of Woman in Fortin de Las Flores]
Photograph of a woman standing in Fortin De Las Flores amidst various trees and plants. Next to her is a sign that reads: "Favor de no cortar las flores y frutas; Please do not cut the flowers and fruits."
Portrait of musician Juan Alvarado
Portrait of Juan Alvarado holding a guitar while wearing a mariachi outfit and a blanket over his left shoulder. Autograph on photo: "To Marie... Juan"
Portrait of reporter Jack Bowen
Portrait of reporter Jack Bowen from FOX 25 News in Oklahoma City. Autograph on photo in red ink: To Scott-- From "<u>Jack</u>"!!
Portrait of singer Fernando Casanova
Portrait of Fernando Casanova in a mariachi outfit. Autograph on photo: "To Marie Sincerely Fernando Casanova"
Postcard "No. 15 Salon Chino. Chinesse Room"
Postcard of a room with vases and wooden furniture. Printed on corner is "No. 15 Salon Chino Chinesse Room"
Postcard of a mural above an entryway
A mural above an entryway to Hotel Peñafiel's dining room depicts indigenous Mexicans carrying flowers and vegetables off of their boats and onto the shore. There are buildings on land, one of which is named "Así Es La Vida" (That's Life)
Postcard of a reception hall
Postcard of a mid 19th century reception hall. Printed in the corner is "No.16 Salon de Recepciones Reception Hall"
Postcard of Carlota Amalia's bedroom
Postcard of Carlota Amalia's bedroom, filled with tables, chairs and settees from within Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. Printed on corner is "No. 13 Recamara de Carlota Amalia Carlota Amalia's Bedroom"
Postcard of Chapultepec Castle and National Museum of History
Postcard of Chapultepec Castle and National Museum of History from the vantage point of a pond surrounded by trees. Text in the lower-left corner says: "No. 1 Castillo Chapultepec y Museo Nal. De Historia, Chapultepec Castle & National Museum of History"
Postcard of Maximilian's state coach
Postcard of Emperor Maximilian's imperial state coach from within Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. Printed on card is "No. 12 Carroza Imperial de Maximilano Maximilian's State Coach"
Three people engaged in conversation
Two men and a woman are engaged in conversation while standing in an unknown room. Behind the woman is a poster that says "Mexico Verac--" "Departamento de Turismo de la Sec--" Translation: "Department of Tourism of the--"
Unknown man walking down a sidewalk.
Unidentified man walking down a sidewalk next to businesses.
Woman holding a parrot on a stick.
A woman stands on a road while holding a stick supporting a parrot perched on the end. A sign behind her reads "Try our mea--"
Woman standing behind a chair
Woman in strapless dress standing behind a chair. Autograph on photo: "To Mrs. Burck, very sincerely. Primor"