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Autographed portrait of two musician sisters

Description: Two sisters in traditional dresses kneel behind a waist-high wall while holding their guitars in front of them. Autograph on photo: "Sinceramente Hermanas Gongoza"
Date: unknown

Boats on a river

Description: Several river boats are sitting on the water next to a building with a large group of people standing in front.
Date: unknown

Bull fighter in a ring

Description: A bull fighter stands before a bull ready to charge at him in the middle of an arena among hundreds of spectators.
Date: unknown

Couple standing on a road

Description: A man and a woman stand on a road. In their background is a field and a landscape of trees.
Date: 1949

Four men and a woman

Description: Four men and a woman standing together in formal attire in an unidentified room. The four men are all wearing matching suits.
Date: 1953

Four paneled poster of a musical band

Description: Four panels depict a three man band of musicians in different activities. In the middle of the panels there is the title: "Los Excentricos (The Eccentrics) Agustin Isunza Cesar Sosa y Varelita 'Un disloque de carcajadas musicales.' " Panel Top Left: One musician plays a xylophone while the other two stand next to him, one holding an accordion and the other a guitar. Panel Top Right: The three musicians sit in a row with their hands clasped over their knees. Panel Bottom Left: The xylophone player looks towards the guitar player behind him while the accordion player kneels below the xylophone looking up. Panel Bottom Right: All three musicians stand in dramatic poses while playing their instruments.
Date: unknown

Four paneled poster of actor Agustin Isunza

Description: A four paneled poster shows Agustin Isunza portraying different characters. All of them are cowboys except for the bottom right panel where he is just himself in a suit. Autograph on photo: "A Marie con todo el afecto de su cuate Agustin I."
Date: February 1949

Four paneled poster of actres Maria Teresa Barcelata

Description: Four panels depict actress Maria Teresa Barcelata in different poses. In the middle of the panels where is a cut-out of Maria wearing a strapless dress with her name in a box in the middle. Panel Top Left: Maria wears a floor-length strapless dress and beaded necklaces Panel Top Right: Maria leans against a wall with her right hand on her waist and the other holding on to a cord being dangled from an unknown location. She wears a floor-length strapless dress with geometric designs, and beaded necklaces around her neck. Panel Bottom Left: Maria sits on the ground while playing a guitar. Panel Bottom Right: Maria rests her chin on her hand while sitting on the ground in a floor-length dress. Autograph on photo: "Para Maria Sinceramente Maria T. Barcelata"
Date: unknown

Group of people outside a building

Description: Marie Burkhalter, Vivian Osio, Hiram Parks and Roberto Cantu stand with others outside a building concealed by plants.
Date: February 1949

Group of women

Description: Four women in dress suits stand next to a garden in front of a brick building.
Date: unknown

Group Photo for the Film "El Colmillo de Buda"

Description: Two women in glamorous costumes and a man in a tuxedo sit on a decorative sofa next to a man sitting on the floor while three others stand behind them. This picture was taken in a studio inside the Clasa Studios in Mexico while filming, "El Colmillo de Buda." Standing in the back are Hiram Parks, Brownsfield Owen, and the director of that movie, Juan Bustillo Oro. Sitting on the sofa, from left to right, are Amalia Aguilar, Angen Garasa and Sara Montes. The man on the floor is unknown.
Date: February 1949

Group Photo for the Film "Soy Charro de Levita"

Description: A group of seven women and two men are standing together in a large unknown room. One of the women is in a wedding dress, one of the men is in a suit and the rest are all in casual clothing. Behind them are several paintings and hanging plants. This picture was taken at the Clasa Studios, Mexico, during a rest from the film "Soy Charro de Levita," a classic comedy film from 1949. From left to right, the individuals are: Queta Lavat (with the wedding dress), Germán Valdés, Hiram Parks, Rosita Quintana, Harvest Queen, Brownsfield Owen, Vivian Oslo, Marie Butrkhalter, and Carmen Molina.
Date: 1949
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