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Group Photo for the Film "Soy Charro de Levita"

Description: A group of seven women and two men are standing together in a large unknown room. One of the women is in a wedding dress, one of the men is in a suit and the rest are all in casual clothing. Behind them are several paintings and hanging plants. This picture was taken at the Clasa Studios, Mexico, during a rest from the film "Soy Charro de Levita," a classic comedy film from 1949. From left to right, the individuals are: Queta Lavat (with the wedding dress), Germán Valdés, Hiram Parks, Rosita Quintana, Harvest Queen, Brownsfield Owen, Vivian Oslo, Marie Butrkhalter, and Carmen Molina.
Date: 1949

Large group sitting at a long table

Description: Five men and four women all in formal wear are sitting at a long table. It is covered with a white sheet and has various wine bottles on it including an ice bucket. A woman stands behind the lady sitting at the head of the table and a few feet from her is a man with sunglasses smoking a cigarette. They are all in an unknown room with wood flooring and other tables next to the the group is sitting in.
Date: February 1949
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