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1937 Schreiner Institute Glee Club in Uniform

Description: Photograph of the Glee Club in uniform. Twenty five cadets and club director John A. Guinn pictured. Caption from 1937 Recall yearbook page lists members from left to right as follows; "BACK ROW: Wiley; Vaughn; Hadden; Davis, C.; Terrell; Brown, S.; Pressler; Houy; Hagood; Simmons; McCord; Jenkins, K.; Guinn, director. FRONT ROW: Staples; Palacios; Browning; Wendtland; Jarvis, L.; Jaeggli; Haggard; Jenkins, R.; Newton, F.; Bush; White, M.; Woollett." Club officers are identified as Frank Newton (President) and Leslie Jarvis (Secretary). Club activities included appearances at the Kerrville Rotary Club and Schreiner Institute concerts as well as competition in the junior college men’s division voice contests held at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas on April 3, 1937 where the chorus won first place in its division and cadet Richard Jenkins was awarded top honor in the men’s solo contest.
Date: 1937

Cadets Stand at Attention for Federal Inspection

Description: Photograph of a company of the Schreiner Institute cadet corps standing at attention for the annual federal inspection by officers from Fort Sam Houston. The Schreiner band and sponsors may be seen in the background as an officer inspects a cadet's rifle. The text on the back of the photograph identifies inspecting officer as Colonel Theodore K. Spencer who conducted the annual inspections from 1939 to 1941.
Date: 1936
Creator: Schreiner Institute

Color Guard in Uniform

Description: The 1931-1932 Color Guard in uniform presenting the national and school "colors" with arms. Color Sergeant R. F. Flutsch holds the American flag and Color Private Jack Randle holds the Schreiner Institute flag during military exercises at the Schreiner Institute in Kerrville.
Date: [1931..1932]
Creator: Schreiner Institute

Portrait of Dr. James J. Delaney

Description: Dr. James Joseph Delaney (1879-1959) served as the president of Schreiner Institute from 1923 to 1950. He was a leader in Texas education, an executive committee member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (1939-1947), president of the Association of Texas Colleges (1939), and the president of the Southern Association of Junior Colleges (1945-1946). Dr. Delaney is credited for developing Schreiner Institute into a fully accredited junior college during his tenure as the first president. This image appears in the 1936 Recall Yearbook.
Date: 1935
Creator: Schreiner Institute

Portrait of Fletcher Walker

Description: Photograph of cadet and Company A Captain, Fletcher Walker. This photograph appears in the 1937 Recall Yearbook. The subject is misidentified on the back as LaRue Haralson who also attended Schreiner Institute in the 1930s.
Date: 1937
Creator: Schreiner Institute

Scene on Prade Guest Ranch

Description: Photograph of Mrs. Helen Prade on a horse above the Frio River at Prade Ranch near Leakey, Texas. Prade Ranch was opened as one of the first resort ranches in Texas in 1935 by Earl T. Prade. This photograph appears in the 1937 Schreiner Institute Bulletin Pictorial Number XV, No. 2 with the caption "Scene on Prade Guest Ranch, near Kerrville."
Date: [1935..1937]
Creator: Schreiner Institute

Senior Portrait of Schreiner Institute Cadet Dayton Stockton

Description: Schreiner Institute Cadet Dayton "Shorty" Stockton as a student was Lieutenant Colonel and Battalion Commander for the Schreiner Cadet Corps. He was named "Most Military Cadet", Secretary-Treasurer of the Officer's Club and Schreiner Institute Senior Class President according to the 1937 Recall Yearbook. Stockton would go on to serve Schreiner as Assistant Commandant and Commandant of the Cadet Corps in the 1940s.
Date: 1937
Creator: Scheriner Institute