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[Saint David's Church Exterior]

Description: Photograph of the original exterior of St. David's Church, before the streets were lowered. The building is surrounded by small trees and there are two black automobiles parked on the street. The church is located at San Jacinto and 7th Street, in Austin, Texas.
Date: 1923
Creator: Jordan Company

[Saint David's Episcopal Church Easter Egg Hunt]

Description: Photograph of an Easter egg hunt located at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bartholomew, at 904 West Avenue. There are children outside on a lawn, some are lined up standing and some are seated. Two small children are in the foreground playing with a truck, and women in coats and hats are standing in the background behind the children.
Date: 1930~

[Sunday School Picnic]

Description: Sepia photograph of a group of people at a picnic taken on the grounds of the James H. Raymond estate. The group is lined up outdoors, and there is a boy standing on a buggy in the background. A card accompanying the photograph identifies the people, from left to right, as: Mr. Oceolo Archer, Mrs. Archer, Mrs. Cochran (Mrs. Lee's mother), Charles Calloway, his mother Mrs. Charles Calloway, Mrs. Rosine Ryan, Miss Clara Maillot (Mrs. Robi Bacon's sister and later Mrs. Julian Smith), Mrs. Fannie Crooker (Church organist), Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Lee, Mrs. Will Lambert (Mrs. Bacon's mother), Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew, and Mr. Richard Lee. The boy on the buggy is identified as Willie Lambert.
Date: 1884

Oral History Interview with Jessie Wand, April 29, 1984

Description: Interview with Jessie Wand of Austin, Texas, a long time member of St. David's Episcopal Church. In the interview, Jessie talks about her family and their travels when she was young, her time at Rice University and Texas Woman's University, and life during the Great Depression and war. She recalls some history about the church and talks about her involvement through the years.
Date: April 29, 1984
Creator: Hillis, Jean & Wand, Jessie Ziggler

Oral History Interview with Eleanor Tyler, May 7, 1984

Description: Interview with Eleanor Tyler of Austin, Texas, a long time member of St. David's Episcopal Church. Eleanor describes what it was like being a student during the Great Depression, and also talks about her family life. She recalls some history about the church and also talks about founding Next to New Consignment.
Date: May 7, 1984
Creator: Vickers, Joan & Tyler, Eleanor

[The Maggie Window]

Description: Photograph of the Maggie Window located in St. David's Episcopal Church, created in 1876. The window was donated by James Hervey Raymond in memory of his wife's young niece. There is a decorative border around the window and three circles in the center.
Date: unknown

[Chapel Interior]

Description: Photograph of the Chapel of the Holy Angels in St. David's Episcopal Church, prior to a current restoration. There is a white structure with candles and a cross on it, and a stained glass window on the right side.
Date: unknown

[The Charity Window]

Description: Photograph of the Charity Window located in Saint David's Episcopal Church, created in 1923 in the memory of Reverend Thomas Booth Lee's wife. There are three panels, with two angels in the bottom two corners and a larger figure in the center.
Date: unknown

[Church Interior]

Description: Photograph of the interior of St. David's Episcopal Church. There is a large altar at the end of the room, with two people in front of it. There are palm plants in front of the altar, and stained glass windows on each side.
Date: unknown

A Complete Parish Register, for the use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States

Description: Parish register for St. David's Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas includes records of parishoners and special events (baptisms, burials, marriages, etc.) as well as persons involved (confirmands, communicants, etc.) and offerings. This volume also contains some documentation written in 1940 regarding church programs and services.
Date: unknown
Creator: St. David's Episcopal Church (Austin, Tex.)