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[Photograph: School Buildings]

Description: Photographs of school buildings in Alto, Texas. The first (top) photo is a two-story brick building with a tower on the left side and a peaked roof; text on the photo says "High School. Alto, Tex." The second (bottom) photo is a two-story, square-shaped brick building with a flat roof.
Date: unknown

Alto School Buildings: A Research Paper

Description: Research paper prepared for a class reunion. It includes a narrative about the history of the school buildings in Alto, Texas, a bibliography of sources, some class rolls and copies of other related documents and photographs.
Date: November 1980
Creator: Kennedy, Guynell Watters

[Photograph: Alto's First Two Story Brick School House]

Description: Photograph of Alto's first two-story brick school house. The building was built during 1905 and 1906. In the photograph, students and children stand in front of the building. Text underneath the photograph reads: "Alto's First 2 Story Brick School House Built in 1905-1906. Teachers: Mr. J. J. Crook, Miss Barker, Mrs. Terrell. 1906-1907 School Year. Copy made by Mrs. Frances Thomas from original borrowed from Miss Marie Latham."
Date: unknown

[Photograph: Second Two Story School Building]

Description: Copy print of the Alto Public School; the building was cut out of the original print and rephotographed on a pressboard background. Text at the bottom of the original photo says "Alto Public School, Dec. 5th 29, Photo Adams Waco." The re-print is attached to a sheet of paper with the caption: "The Second 2 Story School House was remodeled and made into a One Story Brick Building in 1926. A Gymnasium and Home-Making Department was added to the East side in 1952-52."
Date: unknown
Creator: Wald, Adams