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The Diary of Joe Summers

Description: Diary of Joe Summers, written from 1880 to 1912 in Alto, Texas. Diary entries focus on changes in the weather and everyday life. It includes an introductory biographical sketch of Summers and an index following page 340.
Date: 1980~
Creator: Summers, Joe

[Photograph: School Buildings]

Description: Photographs of school buildings in Alto, Texas. The first (top) photo is a two-story brick building with a tower on the left side and a peaked roof; text on the photo says "High School. Alto, Tex." The second (bottom) photo is a two-story, square-shaped brick building with a flat roof.
Date: unknown

Alto School Buildings: A Research Paper

Description: Research paper prepared for a class reunion. It includes a narrative about the history of the school buildings in Alto, Texas, a bibliography of sources, some class rolls and copies of other related documents and photographs.
Date: November 1980
Creator: Kennedy, Guynell Watters

[Photograph: Alto's First Two Story Brick School House]

Description: Photograph of Alto's first two-story brick school house. The building was built during 1905 and 1906. In the photograph, students and children stand in front of the building. Text underneath the photograph reads: "Alto's First 2 Story Brick School House Built in 1905-1906. Teachers: Mr. J. J. Crook, Miss Barker, Mrs. Terrell. 1906-1907 School Year. Copy made by Mrs. Frances Thomas from original borrowed from Miss Marie Latham."
Date: unknown

[Photograph: Second Two Story School Building]

Description: Copy print of the Alto Public School; the building was cut out of the original print and rephotographed on a pressboard background. Text at the bottom of the original photo says "Alto Public School, Dec. 5th 29, Photo Adams Waco." The re-print is attached to a sheet of paper with the caption: "The Second 2 Story School House was remodeled and made into a One Story Brick Building in 1926. A Gymnasium and Home-Making Department was added to the East side in 1952-52."
Date: unknown
Creator: Wald, Adams