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Alto School Buildings: A Research Paper

Description: Research paper prepared for a class reunion. It includes a narrative about the history of the school buildings in Alto, Texas, a bibliography of sources, some class rolls and copies of other related documents and photographs.
Date: November 1980
Creator: Kennedy, Guynell Watters
Item Type: Text

The Diary of Joe Summers

Description: Diary of Joe Summers, written from 1880 to 1912 in Alto, Texas. Diary entries focus on changes in the weather and everyday life. It includes an introductory biographical sketch of Summers and an index following page 340.
Date: 1980~
Creator: Summers, Joe
Item Type: Book

Early Merchants of Alto, Cherokee County, Texas

Description: Research paper which provides information about the early merchants of Alto, Texas, including transcripts of letters, certificates, ads and stories from newspapers, and other related documents.
Date: unknown
Creator: Kennedy, Guynell Watters
Item Type: Paper

Forest Hill Plantation, Alto, Texas

Description: Brochure about Forest Hill Plantation located near Alto, Texas. It includes information about the family history of the plantation owners, as provided by The Thursday Study Club.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Pamphlet

Funeral Home Records, Stribling Undertakers, 1929-1941

Description: Photocopies of Stribling's Funeral Home Records dating from August 1929 through August 1933 and September 1937 through June 1941. It includes a listing of each person buried by the funeral home with birth and death date, age, date of burial, and other known details. An index is at the front.
Date: 1980
Item Type: Text

History of the Ferris Farm

Description: Typed history of the Ferris Farm, located six miles west of Alto, Texas, accompanied by a 7-page letter with additional details.
Date: {1936, 1993-09-10}
Creator: Bertolinio, Mildred Nicar
Item Type: Text

[Photograph: Alto School House]

Description: Photograph of Alto's school house prior to its demolition. Text underneath the photograph reads: "Alto's School House is being Demolished. A Landmark of the Past is lost to History."
Date: November 1979
Item Type: Photograph